Family Feud

my name is Lexi, my mum had a best friend called Karen Payne, until one day one girl changed that, I was 11, from then on they never talked again, she had a son, I never met him, I remember Karen, I used to love her, Karen used to me, she kept telling me when I met her son she wanted us to like each other coz we were 'perfect', after this argument, my mum told us we had to move from where we were, we moved to the other side of Wolverhampton, 6 years later and I love a boyband, One Direction, my mum hated them, I have no idea why, an old friend where we used to live asks me to babysit, when she invites her cousin to come round things start to change, will Karen and my mum ever make up? will I ever meet Karen's son? if I do will I fall in love? or will we be forbidden because of the family feud? ps there will be a little swearing, but not much :)


3. meeting

Liam's point of view

'hey guys, thought i'd tweet, off babysitting my cousins children, will be on here a little less, but I will tweet when I can'

and posted it to twitter

"mum do I have to babysit, and with a stranger, who knows, she could hate One Direction and then kill me while I was asleep" I moaned to my mum

"you'll be fine, im round the corner if that does happen, but you never know you could like her, I don't know who your cousin has called, she just said a friend so I cant tell you what she's going to be like, you'll be fine, plus the other boys will probably pop in at some point and they'll be there" my mum reassured me, I sighed

"now go on, the guest will be there any minute so go have fun" my mum urged me,

I dragged my suitcase across the street, trying not to attract attention, coz I think there are directioners that live round here and so I got to my cousins, I knocked on the door and then my cousin answered it,

"Liam" she smiled,

"Sue" I smiled back she hugged me and then she stepped aside for me to go in

Lexi's point of view

I said goodbye to the twins and my parents, there were tears and finally we got in the car and my mum pulled out of our driveway and on our way to the other side of Wolverhampton when we got there I said goodbye to my mum, she hugged and kissed me, I dragged my luggage out of the boot and wheeled them to the house, I knocked and Sue was there, the tall, dark haired dark eyed loving friend of my mums stood there and smiled

"hello dear, my cousin isn't here yet, its so good to see you love" she smiled and brought me into a hug,

she moved aside and I was greeted by the 4 kids, they cheered as I entered the living room, I laughed, there were 2 boys and 2 girls, I was familiar with all of them, Hope with brown hair green eyes she was 2, Faith with blonde hair blue eyes she was 4, Alex with blonde hair blue eyes he was 5 and James brown hair brown eyes was 6, in Sue's boyfriends hand was a little baby.

it was a little girl, Lily, the kids ran over to me and all hugged me, they often visited my house so I knew them well, I sat down and talked to Sue for a bit and we went upstairs putting my stuff in the room where I will be staying

"my cousin is no trouble at all, but you two have to share a room, don't worry, there are separate beds, but mine and Daniels (Sue's boyfriend) room has to be locked so that the kids don't steal or break anything, and theres only one spare room, but he should be ok" Sue smiled, I smiled back,

this is going to be fun, sharing a room with a boy who i've never met but she said he was nice so that's on the upside, hmm... I wonder if he's cute, I hope he is, but mind you, if he is then how would I concentrate, gaahh, im so confused and I haven't even met him, we entered the room.

it was small, we had separate beds, but she didn't mention they were next to each other, I asked her about it, she said she couldn't fit it anywhere else, aswel as the cot, which was at the bottom of the bed, after a little talk Sue and I went downstairs, the kids were watching rugrats, one of my all time favourite children's programme then there was a knock, my heart beated, this is it, this is the time I meet the stranger

"Liam" Sue said with glee

"Sue" the boys voice sounded awfully familiar, but why, I waited for a couple of minutes and then heard the wheel of his suitcase trailing along the floor

the door opened, my heart beated, I was so scared, I hope he likes me, I hope he's not stuck up, I hope he's nice, I kept asking myself these questions, suddenly I turned around as the door opened and in came a figure, a very familiar figure, I looked at him and he looked at me, OH MY WORD, im babysitting with Liam Payne, I was shocked, boy, so much for being able to concentrate on anything now

"hey" Liam said shyly,

"hey" I said shyly back

"right you both know where everything is, any problems call me on this number" Sue said holding a piece of paper and giving it to Liam

"so we'll be going , kids behave yourself for these two" she warned them, they nodded,

Sue's boyfriend got up with the baby and placed him in my arms, they said bye to us all, gave the kids a hug and a kiss and went, this is going to be so interesting

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