Family Feud

my name is Lexi, my mum had a best friend called Karen Payne, until one day one girl changed that, I was 11, from then on they never talked again, she had a son, I never met him, I remember Karen, I used to love her, Karen used to me, she kept telling me when I met her son she wanted us to like each other coz we were 'perfect', after this argument, my mum told us we had to move from where we were, we moved to the other side of Wolverhampton, 6 years later and I love a boyband, One Direction, my mum hated them, I have no idea why, an old friend where we used to live asks me to babysit, when she invites her cousin to come round things start to change, will Karen and my mum ever make up? will I ever meet Karen's son? if I do will I fall in love? or will we be forbidden because of the family feud? ps there will be a little swearing, but not much :)


7. getting ready for school

Liam's point of view

we got up every 2 hours to feed the baby, I woke up one time, Lexi and I were right next to each other, the only thing separating us were the quilts, I looked at the time, 6:30 am, I then realized we had to get the kids to school,

"Lexi" I whispered shaking her a little, she groaned, and went back to sleep

"Lexi" I said shaking her more

"what" she groaned,

"we have to get the kids to go to school, we forgot about that" I said, she whipped up and sat up,

"shoot, cmon then better get ready" she said hopping out of bed and headed towards her suitcase,

"ill get changed in the bathroom and you get changed here" she said, I nodded and she got her clothes and went

we got ready and then Lexi went in the girls room and I went in the lads,

"cmon James, Alex time to get up, school time" I said,

"awww nuts, we thought you'd forgotten" James said, I laughed,

"oh no, up, now" I ordered, James dragged himself out of bed, Alex was in protest though,

"Alex get up, or the tickle monster will come for you" I said,

"no, im not getting up" he protested,

"alright then the tickle monsters coming, duh dun, duh dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun" I laughed

"no no no not the tickle monster" Alex laughed jumping out of bed,

I started chasing him and with my hands threatening to tickle him, I finally caught and tickled him,

"alright ill get dressed" he laughed, I stopped and I helped them both get ready, after all they were only 5 and 6

soon after I got them ready, and Sophie did the same, all 6 of us went downstairs, Lexi got the baby

"how awe we getting to schoow" Hope asked,

"ill drive us there" I smiled,

"ok" they replied, and got their things like bags, and their shoes and socks on, and finally at 8:30am we were ready, it took 20 minutes to get to the school, school starts at 9am,

"i'll not be long, can you cope with the baby here" I asked Lexi,

"of course and I have no choice anyway" she laughed,

"true, bye" I smiled


and so me and the kids hopped in the car,

"what do you fink of Lexi then" Faith asked me,

"she's a nice girl" I replied, which she is, she's also pretty and seems really friendly,

"she is, and you do wealise that she woves you guys a wot" Faith blurts out, "she

"Faith, Lexi towd us not to tew him" Hope scalds her, I chuckle at their childishness

"did she say which one of us she likes the most" I asked cleverly, I wanted so much to embarrass her haha

"no she actuawy didn't, and this is why" Hope says and at the last bit she scowls towards Faith,

"sowwy it just swipped out" she apologised this was funny,

I really wanted to know who her favourite was, wait, why am I so bothered, we were celebrities, she's only going to like us coz were famous, it was just a crush, and may not mean anything, why am I overthinking this,

"now now girls, cut it out, it doesn't matter, anyway there you go, school,

I quickly put on some sunglasses on, as a disguise so I don't attract attention, I open the car doors and they each give me a hug, and they all made their way in school, I watched them go in, I got back in my car and then I drove back to my cousins house, when I got there I quietly sneaked in just in case if any loud noise wakes the baby, I soon heard humming when I reached the door that takes you to the living room

it was Lexi, I got closer to the door and heard that she was humming to More Than This, I opened the door a little and saw she was Rocking Lily to sleep, it's so cute, just watching someone rock a baby, I opened the door more but it creaked, darn it, covers blown, Lexi turned around and looked at me, shocked, she blushed,

"carry on" I urged, she shook her head, no

"why" I asked,

"I am rubbish, and plus im too shy" she replied,

"your not, you have an amazing voice, don't forget I heard you last night" I winked,

she blushed again, so cute

"and you don't need to be shy either" I replied,

"but...." she said but I cut her off,

"but nothing, we're going to have to get used to each other, may aswel get over the shyness now, otherwise ill hug you and kiss your cheek, and then you will be shy" I winked,

"how do you know" she asked,

"umm...lets just say a little birdy told me that you like the band, a lot" I smirked, she blushed harder,

"you've got to stop blushing to" I laughed,

"d did they tell you which one I liked the most, not that I do have a favourite anyway" she said,

"no they didn't" I replied,

"do you have a fav" I asked,

"no" she said,

"if we are going to keep talking about who I like out of One Direction I will just go upstairs, take the baby with me and go on my ipod" she sighed,

"wow, chill, I was just asking" I sighed and placed myself on the other couch, why was she so defensive

"sorry" she said softer,

"its fine, I guess I was annoying you" I replied, awkwardness fell upon us and we just sat watching the TV

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