A broken promise.

Louis and Zoe were the best of friends ... right until the X Factor. Louis had made a promise that he'd remember her along with other promises. But will he keep his promise when they find themselves in the same room as each other? ...


2. A cup of Yorkshire Tea

Louis' POV

'Harry! Get some clothes on! Though I'm not complaining...!' I said.

'Feeling flirty today?!' He replied

'Very!' I continued

Today we were going to our stylist's house to see her new clothing for us and she has a colleague who's daughter needs a place and Lou offered. They agreed that she would stay there in-between college and at her friends house. Her friends' name is Cara and apparently they grew up together. Today I feel like I should be remembering something. I have no idea what!

~ 2 hours later ~

'Zayn, hurry up with the hair! We're only in the car and Lou won't mind!' Harry rushed.

'I'm finished now!' He said whilst coming out of his messy bedroom.

We all packed into the land rover and drove to Lou's.

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