The Darkness

A man mountain stalks the world, assassinating, killing and maiming people as he goes on.


1. Death and Destruction.


Blood gushed out of his open wound but he had to carry on running or face death in person he dived into an ally way darkness swarming around him as he got up he ran into a hulk of a man. James thought that the man mountain could break into Buckingham palace alone with out weapons, just as James turned to run the man lobed him high into the air, and James was dead before he hit the ground.


Kelly Finnigan laughed as the wind whipped at his hair. He loved riding his dads Bentley almost as much as he loved vampires ghosts and wear wolfs. Almost, he thought, because his favourite was definitely vampires or wear wolfs, but tied in second was definitely riding the Bentley and ghosts. As Kelly pulled over and got out and was walking towards his house, he thought he saw a massive man watching him, but as he turned around to get a better look at him as quickly as the man had arrived he disappeared. Kelly just thought it was a trick of the light and walked on , but how wrong he was.


Kelly just turned and walked into her house, but if you looked into the alley, beside Kelly's house, at this very moment you would see the man, writing down what Kelly had just done, and if you looked into the mans note book and managed to decipher the secret code it was written in, you would find a detailed description of what Kelly had been doing in the past week.


A man walked up to a old worn shop, and asked if he had any news from his employers. The boy behind the counter said yes, and handed over a worn brown envelope containing a letter saying, in a code language, terminate the target. The man smiled after he had read it, feeling like a kid in a candy store on Christmas Day.


At school Kelly's friends told her about a party in the old manner house, Kelly told them that she would try to come but could not promise anything.But her friends said that was good enough for them and that it would be such a shame if she didn't come.

The man heard this and dissuaded to kill Kelly then. Kelly was walking towards the manner house when out of now are the man came at her and picked her up like a feather and tossed her at the roof, and before she could say anything she was dead on the gravel at the foot of the manor house.


"Come on". Said Darren after the deaths of Kelly and James." We have to keep low and hide out somewhere nobody will suspect",."No way said Harry. We just have to tell them that we haven't told anyone". "They won't care said Enzo what's to stop them from killing us on the spot"."Maybe a white flag ".Said Daren sarcastically "well we could send them a email" .said Harry , "then they would track us you bloody idiot". Said Enzo "well let's hear your idea then so called genius" .said Harry "just go with Darren's idea" .said Enzo, "o all right then ".said Harry, "great you've come to your senses at last".said Darren.


The man mountain was unhappy because his flight, was slow and his employers gave him a bloody mini car, which in his opinion it was like bringing a blunt cutlery knife to world war 2. Which as you can guess is a very crazy idea no matter who you are. Or bring a t shirt and shorts to the north pole.

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