Mad heart, be brave

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1. Mad heart, be brave.

Through the dark to the light,

My hopeful heart stays,

I go through it all,

Mad heart, be brave.


I jump across oceans,

I dig up grave mistakes,

The thought that keeps me going is,

Mad heart, be brave,


This is just the beginning,

Nowhere near the end,

My life has just started so,

Mad heart, be brave.


Stay strong, stay put,

Life isn’t always a bed of roses,

Light comes after dark

Mad heart, be brave.


A smile, a small tear,

It’s all a part of life’s game,

You have to learn to jump the hurdles,

Mad heart, be brave.


Your life is just a bud,

Blossoming flower, it is to be made.

Make the most of it now,

Mad heart, be brave.

Mad heart, be brave.


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Aparupa :) xx

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