1D's New Little Sister

Danniellle, a 13 year old, is a happy, jittery, musical, loving sister and friend to everyone around her. But when her parents have to sign her up for adoption because they don't have enough money to keep her, she ends up in the hands of Harry Styles's mother, Anne Styles. She is having a great life, but what happens if 1D discovers her dark secret? Will they still love her? And will she ever get out of the deep, dark hole she has been in for ages? Read to find out.


2. The ride to home

6 months later It has been 6 months, and I have been to 5 different homes. It's been CRAZY!!!!!!!! One day, when every thing was going as usual, the orphanage lady came busting into my room with the biggest smile on her face, as always. "I have great news for you, darling!" she screams. Normally, when she says that, it means shenhas another family to try out, but this time it seemed different, but I went along with it any ways. "Really!? What is it?" I asked. "We have found a perfect home for you!" she says trying to sound as cool as possible, but totally fails. "Really? Cool, when do I get to meet them?" I asked her. "I'm driving you there tomorrow. Sorry it was such a short notice, but they're great, and I know you will just love them!" she tells me. "So start packing up". Yay!!!!! Another 'perfect' family. I wonder how they are? We're in the car and are driving around I neighborhood I have never seen before. It's filled with beautiful rose bushes and big houses along with its own personal swimming pool. Wow, this I's amazing! The orphanage lady I's still talking about how great these people are and how much they wanted me, but couldn't hear her, because I had my ear phones in listening to 1D music. They are my favorite band and they have the most amazing voices! I wish I could be as great as a singer as them. When we finally pulled up to a house, I got quite excited for once. It was a big, white house with a lovely garden and a huge lawn for soccer and other sports. I quickly jumped out of the car and ran all the way up to the front door. The lady followed me and she knocked on the door. A beautiful lady wearing a pink bathrobe and cozy-looking slippers opened the door. She had straight, brown hair with brown eyes and tanned skin. When I first laid eyes on her, I knew exactly who she was. "You're Anne Styles!! You're Harry styles from One Direction's mother!!!" I yelled. OMG!!!! I was being adopted by Harry's mom!!
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