1D's New Little Sister

Danniellle, a 13 year old, is a happy, jittery, musical, loving sister and friend to everyone around her. But when her parents have to sign her up for adoption because they don't have enough money to keep her, she ends up in the hands of Harry Styles's mother, Anne Styles. She is having a great life, but what happens if 1D discovers her dark secret? Will they still love her? And will she ever get out of the deep, dark hole she has been in for ages? Read to find out.


1. The big news

"Dannielle!!!", my mother called from down stairs. "I'm coming, mom" I shout back. I run down the stairs and into the kitchen. My mom and dad are sitting at the table, holding hands and they both have bloodshot eyes. This cannot be good. "Have a seat" my dad demands. Again, not a good sign. "Honey, you understand that we are not paying our bills, right?" my mom asks me. I nod my head. "And you know that we can barely feed you, right." my dad asks. Again, not knowing what this I's all about, I nod my head. "Well, tuis I's the hardest thing we have ever done to our lives, but...... We're giving you up!" mom exclaims, bursting into tears. All I can do I's sit there, my mind racing, not knowing what to feel or do or say. I just sit there, and when I don't respond, my mom cries even harder. I can't believe my parents would just give me up like this, but then again, it's for the better, for all of us. "I understand" that's all I could say before running up to my room, packing all of my things, and get ready for bed while crying. I cried myself to sleep that night. I couldn't help it, my parents are giving me up and I have no where to go except the orphanage. I guess a new chapter of my life begins in the childrens' home.
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