1D's New Little Sister

Danniellle, a 13 year old, is a happy, jittery, musical, loving sister and friend to everyone around her. But when her parents have to sign her up for adoption because they don't have enough money to keep her, she ends up in the hands of Harry Styles's mother, Anne Styles. She is having a great life, but what happens if 1D discovers her dark secret? Will they still love her? And will she ever get out of the deep, dark hole she has been in for ages? Read to find out.


5. Special morning

~Begining of dream~ I'm in a drowning bus. Screaming is coming from all directions. I'm trying my hardest to stay calm and not scream. The water is up to my waist now, and I'm the tallest in my class. I see my friend go under and i try to help her. I pick her up and set her on a seat. Next i open up the emergency roof exit. First, i help the shorter people, then me and my best friend help the teacher, then the rest of us. "You go first" i tell him, but he refuses. "You have a whole life ahead of you, and i'm not about to take it by going first" he tells me. I only nod and tell him i love him. He nods back at me and says, "I know. I love you, too". He helps me out and i turn around to help him, but he's helping another short kid we forgot. I wait there for what feels like forever. He gets the kid out and goes to reach for my hand, but gets his foot stuck underneath the chair. He looks back at me and says, before plunging under the water, "Don't blame yourself. I love y-" but is cut off by the water filling his lungs, but i understand what he tried to say. ~End of dream~ Horrified, i wake up, drenched in sweat with my pjs sticking to me. I have had that dream ever since it happened. I dont know what to do about it, but ive had it so many times, im almost used to it. Ever since my friend died in that acident, i stopped a lot of things we did together; swimming, riding horses, playing trumpet until i played for the boys and that was the hardest thing i have done in a while. And the thing i cant evenvthink about, singing. I did alot of singing until Jack, my friend, died. Jack loved to hear me sing. It was like as soon as i opened my mouth, he seemed so proud and relaxed. On the day Jack died, i was singing to him. We were really bored on the bus so i decided to cheer him up by singing his favourite song. He did cheer up, and when i was half-way through it, a tire popped with a gun shot and a guy walkied on the bus he pushed the driver out onto the street and drove off with us. He drove us down a bank and left us there to get out our selves. That happened 7 months ago... It was my birthday. I looked at the clock; 10 passed 5 in the morning. Great! 'I have to do somethng to get my mind off of this' i said aloud to myself. I got out of bed, changed into something not wet, and went down stairs to do something. When i got to the kitchen, i had a great idea. I got ingredients for my secret recipe cookies. I have always had a passion for baking. It made me feel creative. When i was done the batter, i was about to start the oven and put the dough on the sheets, i remembered that Louis just likes the cookie dough, so i thought that i should let him get first dibbs. I put plasitc rap around the top of the bowl and stuffed it in the fridge. Next, i though that it would be nice to make every one breakfast, so i turned on the oven to keep everything warm, then i made bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, and toast. I made sure to make lots of everything, knowing that the boys eat a lot, since im a directioner. I sat down on the couch, not knowing what to do, so i looked at the time. 6:05am. Perfect. I probably have lots of time all by myself. I saw Niall's guitar and thought that noone could prbably hear me. I picked it up, looked at its beautiful design, then sat down with it. I did my finger excercises (I know, kinda stupid) and threw some notes around, then started playing cupid. I didnt sing the lyrics, but i got out my Ipod and lip sinked. Eh, ohoho, eh, ohoho, eh, ohoho You're the perfect part of me You're the oxygen i breath You're a superstar, a work of art Its electricity You're a yes in a world of nos You're the beetles to my stones Its a sweet romance, a spotlight dance, girl you shake me to my bones. But everry now and then, I'll start to slip away I gotta hear you say (Chorus) Take me out Spin me around We can laugh when we both fall down Lets get stupid, dancing with cupid tonight And when i sing out of key Still play air guitar for me Lets get stupid, dancing with cupid tonight Dont feel all kind of right. (End) "You're a really great guitar player" a voice said behind me, making me jump a little. It was only Louis. "Oh, its only you" i said. "And, thanks. I've been playing ever since i was five, so i guess the work paid off". "You've been playing since you were 5?!?" "Umm... Yeah" "Wow. Who taught you?" "My dad" "He must've been really good". I laughed. "Yeah. He was" "What happened?" he asked. I raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?". "Well,you said he WAS a good guitar player, not he IS. So something must have happened" he explained. I sighed. "Ok, I'll tell you, but you can't tell any body because I don't want any sympathy or empathy or any thing, ok?" i said to him. "Ok"
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