1D's New Little Sister

Danniellle, a 13 year old, is a happy, jittery, musical, loving sister and friend to everyone around her. But when her parents have to sign her up for adoption because they don't have enough money to keep her, she ends up in the hands of Harry Styles's mother, Anne Styles. She is having a great life, but what happens if 1D discovers her dark secret? Will they still love her? And will she ever get out of the deep, dark hole she has been in for ages? Read to find out.


7. Caught

"Let me yave some cookie dough, and I won't say a thing" Niall said after a long moment of silence. "Deal", I answered. "Cookie dough time, everybody! Dig in" Louis shouts in a whisper. We all laugh, grab a spoon, and, as Louis said, dug in. When we were done, we put the rest of the cookie dough in the fridge, and sat on the couch to watch tv. "Hey, look! It's the news! Can we watch it?" i ask. "I like to keep up on what's going on around the world". Louis laughs. "Fine, but only for a little bit. Our favorite show is almost on". He pushed the button and there was nothng, so we just changed the chanel to family chanel. As we were watching Phineas and Ferb, Louis asked me a question I never thought he would ask. "So, would you like to be home schooled, go to a public school, or a private school?" "I don't know. I've always been home schooled, but it'd be nice to go to an actual school. Maybe just a public school. Why?" I asked. "Anne needed to know. If you're gonna go to a school, she has to sign you up really soon. Are you sure you want to go into a public school? Lots of people are probably gonna bugg you because you live with us now" Niall answered in his Irish accent. He's right. I probably will be bugged and teased and glared at, but it doesn't matter. I'm just happy that they asked me. I just want to live a normal life, but with a twist. "I'm sure. I don't care if they don't like me. I'll find some one to hang with" i tell them. "What's going on down here?" says a deep, husky voice. I turn to see who it was, and it was our one and only Harry. "Nothing, and good morning." i told him. He looked down at me and smiled. All of a sudden, he ran up to us, jumped into Louis's lap, and put his big feet in my lap. We all laughed and sat really quietly until the rest of the house woke up. I could tell today was already going to be a good day
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