Broken Glass

Ariesetha has about given up on life. She has lost her mum, brother and father to suicide. And she lost the only person that truly cared for her the way she cared for him, Drake. Her best friend since she was born. Now that his murder case still hasn't been solved after 2 months they want to leave the case alone. But Ariesetha won't give up, she asks one person who she knows will spread the word. Louis Tomlinson and the band One Direction. Little does she know Louis has his own secrets ones he won't let go without a fight.


1. The first shardHe

"So since there has been no new leads, and we have gotten nothing in the past 2 months. We think we should drop Drakes case." The detective says looking at drakes parents. Mr.Thomas Peterfield and Mrs.Annabelle Peterfield, were good people. They didn't deserve for their son to get killed. A pit of anger bubbles inside me as he says he wants to "drop the case". No, I demand an explanation for my best friends death. "Detective Ryan, I demand you keep this case WIDE open. Drake was the one who begged his parents to let me live with them. After my mom and dads suicide my brother raised me then be committed suicide and I was on the STREETS. But he SAVED me and I want justice done and done right. The vile creature who did this deserves a punishment worse than death." I say staring at the ground, clenching my fists so tightly my nails dig into my skin. I can feel the warmth of the blood. "I understand but, Ariesetha, we can't do anything more." Detective Ryan responds. I stand up and glare at that man,"THAN DO SOMETHING ELSE OR IM TAKING MTTERS INTO MY OWN HANDS YA DOU***," I shout at him wishing I could gouge his eyes out. "Sweetie," Mrs.Peterfield grabs my arm," Why don't we get some fresh air? Hmm?" I nod and let her lead me out the door. When we leave I break down sobbing sitting on the concrete crying my eyes out, my hands bloody almost like I am the one who killed Drake. "Honey, your hands! I knew this would happen," Mrs. Peterfield shakes her head pulling out some gauze she wraps my hands. "Why don't you go to the boys' house and see what they are doing. Try to get your mind off things, mkay?" I nod and take my car keys out of her purse,"thank you Annabelle for everything" I give her a hug and get into my car. A regular everyday silverado truck Chevy of course. I shoot Louis a text, need to talk. Group meeting at u nd Harry's Plc?  He  texts back: of course :)

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