Louis' Diary

Louis' secret's out, and now, you can see his inside thoughts on the matter. Live a few days in Louis Tomlinson's shoes, as he walks the path of recovery.
*Larry Stylinson fanfic*


6. The End of The Start

Day 6:                                                         

It was one o'clock when Harry led me to the river. The diary's gone already, but I' writing this on a scrap piece of paper to keep forever. I never want to forget what happened. We stepped toward the bridge, and I could already hear the crash of the water below us. Harry ducked under the construction tape, and walked easily onto the bridge, holding his hand out to me. I duck under after him, because if Harry trusted the bridge, then so did I. We walked to the middle and I clutched the diary in my hand, afraid to let go for some reason. We stopped, and stared over the edge, at the raging water. Harry looked at me, his hand still in mine.
"I think you know what we're doing by now." He whispers, looking over the edge again. I nod, and open the book to day one. I tear the page out, and drop it over the edge, watching it float down to the water. And as soon as it touches, it's gone. I like this idea. No one will ever read it, no one will know how I felt, or what I did. No one. I'm surprised Harry didn't ask to read it, but he must know that it means a lot, and if I want to tell him, I will. I tear another page, and drop it, and when it hits the water, I can't help but smile. I don't need the diary to remember what happened to me. I don't need any stupid book to keep me grounded. I have Harry for that. I tear out day three, and squash it into a ball before tossing it over the edge, watching as the water swallowed it. Harry watches me, his classic smirk on his face. I hand him the book, and he frowns.
"Louis, what about the last day?" He says softly, turning the book over in his hands.
"Read the first two sentences." I say softly, watching as he cautiously opens the book. A smile spreads across his face as he reads my entry. His eyes fill with tears, and he pulls me into a tight hug.
"This is the best day. Today's the day I got my best friend back." He whispers, handing the book back. I shake my head, and smile.
"This page is your memory to throw." I say, watching him smile as he throws the entire book over the edge, as it splashes into the water. He turns to me, and I laugh. I'm standing closer to Harry than I realized, and I find myself blushing. He smiles at me, taking both my hands. I watch his eyes, and he nods, as if telling me that this is OK. I stand on my tiptoes, and press my lips against his quickly.
"That's for being the most amazing best friend ever." I say softly, watching his reaction. He just smiles, and intertwines his fingers with mine. He leans down to me, and kisses me properly, in a confident way. He pulls away, his cheeks flushed, and his smile wide.
"I can't live with being just your best friend. I need more than that." He whispers, squeezing my hands. I smile, and kiss him softly again. I didn't need to say anything, because actions speak louder than words. So as we walked off the bridge, hand in hand, our actions were screaming I love you.

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