Louis' Diary

Louis' secret's out, and now, you can see his inside thoughts on the matter. Live a few days in Louis Tomlinson's shoes, as he walks the path of recovery.
*Larry Stylinson fanfic*


4. Miracles

Day 4:

My miracle came. I woke up this morning, with two strong arms holding me. I saw smiling faces, with tears running down five cheeks. They all said hi, and asked if I wanted them to stay for the day. I don't think I'd ever been this desperate for company. All day I stayed wrapped in Harry's arms, even during the councilors visit. But I'll get to that later. The boys didn't pester me, they just talked like nothing had ever happened. It gave me hope, that things could go back to the way they were. Niall bought his guitar, and they ran through a few ideas for the album, outlining my parts. It felt amazing to be back with them. The others went to get lunch while the councilor talked to me. He let Harry stay, but chances were he wasn't going anywhere anyway. A first I wouldn't open up. He would ask me why I cut, and I would shrug. He was getting frustrated with me, when Harry took my hand in his, and whispered to me,
"Act like it's only you and me. Talk to me Lou." And for some reason it worked. It was easy. He would ask me why I cut, and I would tell Harry the exact reason. I told Harry I was tired of keeping so many secrets, and having to doubt who I trust because of leaked information. I told him I was tired of being torn from my best friend, and how much I missed him. And then, I felt to much better. For the first time, I felt like things were going to be alright. I had nothing to worry about by the time the other got back from lunch, and it was like that first night at Harry's step-dad's place. Everything went perfectly well. The other went home, and Harry stayed with me again. He snuggled under the cover with me, making me feel so safe. It was like I was invincible. No one could ever hurt me like this. Not with him. I traced the tattoos on his broad chest, until I finally fell asleep, but before I did, I could've sworn I felt Harry kiss my forehead goodnight.

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