The Unexpected

Lydia Scarlet, a bright 15 years old girl trying to help her best friend, Karen Thorn out who got herself into a huge trouble that could change her life forever. What will they do about it?


4. Nursery

" You know, I'm totally fine. You don't have to do this"

He looks down at me with his beautiful green eyes. " Why should I listen to you? "

Wow, this guy is unbelievable. Rude!  " Uhmm, because you're carrying MY body "

He didn't answer me and continues to carry me. What is up with this guy? I can't tell whether he is rude or a nice person. After 8 minutes of being carried by a stranger, I could see a sign that says " Hospitality Room " which makes me wonder how did we come up with these complex words and still remember the meaning of it.

After we walked into the hospitality room, a nurse saw us and quickly ran to us. In panic voice, she asked if I have to be rush into ER or not. I must say, she was relieved after he told her that it's not an ER.

" Oh thank God! There have been too many people coming here that needed to be rush into ER!"

" Really? Why is that?"

" I'm not quiet sure myself, now what is wrong with this beautiful lady that is in your arms?" 

" Someone choked her violently. Could you please check if she's okay?"

" Absolutely! Not problem! You poor thing.. just lay her down in any of these beds. I'm going to clean some of the materials up. I'll be right there with you in a sec!"

" Thank you mam!"

He found the nearest bed and he gently laid me down.

" You know, you didn't need to carry me here. I'm totally fine"

" You're welcome "

" Okay, thanks for your help, but really I'm totally fine"

" Will it hurt if we did a check up on you?"

" No, bu-"

Before I could finish my sentence, the nurse walked out of the storage room.

" Alright, shall we get started? "

The nurse pushes the bed that I'm laying on by a certain wall.

" Don't worry, I'm just examining you "

Before I could nod my head, she took out a remote and press a button on it. As she press the button, the wall starts to open up like a door. Suddenly two robot hands came out of the wall and grab my bed, lifted it up and slowly carries the bed along with me into the wall.

 "Close your eyes please"

I did as the nurse said obediently. I closed my eyes and I still could see some lights. The nurse is looking through her monitor to see if there's anything wrong with my body.

After 5 seconds of staying still inside of the wall, the bed slowly carries my body out of the wall and brings the bed along with me down cautiously.

" Lucky you, there's nothing wrong with you, but you seem very tired lately. Don't do anything that will take much of your energy for a bit. You need to rest a lot more, and I suggest you to sleep early tonight and don't drink. You may leave now "

" Thank you nurse, have a goodnight"

" Thank you for visiting me " she smiles and waves at the same time as we walk out of the hospitality room.

" See, I told you there was nothing wrong with me. I'm okay"

" Will a check up hurt?"

" No"

"Then you shouldn't be complaining"

"Well you don't have to be rud-"

" I'm driving you home tonight. "

" Pardon?"

He hold his hand out to me, " Key? "

" I told you that I'm fine, you don't need to drive me"

" Driving requires focus and energy. You're tired and you're a woman. It's not safe for a woman to drive home alone at night "

" But Karen.."

" Oh the one that ditched you? Don't worry about her"

This guy is pretty rude, but he seems to care about me even though we just met 30 minutes ago. I don't understand him, but he's right. I don't have the power to argue anymore. I took out the car keys and gave them to him.

We quickly walk to where I parked my car and he started the engine.

" So what's your dress?"

" Haven Rd SE, 37665"

" Oh I don't need the GPS then"

He backs out from the parking lot slowly and starts driving faster.

" What's your name?"

" James Herondale, what's yours?"

" Lydia Scarlet "

" Ah descendant of William Scarlet "

" and You're the descendant of William Herondale?" Confused

" William Scarlet was the king of Hersophalia. He was known for his greatness for protecting his country and saved those who were captured and tortured. Unlike other Kings, he was very successful and was able to keep his country's economy in a good condition. "

" Well yeah, I know about William. I'm just not sure about William Herondale. "

" That can wait. We're here. I'll come over and drive your car here."

" Thanks, I'll drive you home tomorrow once you get here"

He nods and drives off, slowly fading into the dark.


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