The Unexpected

Lydia Scarlet, a bright 15 years old girl trying to help her best friend, Karen Thorn out who got herself into a huge trouble that could change her life forever. What will they do about it?


3. Masquerade

   It took us 30 minutes to get to Hamilton hotel from my house.The hotel looks unexpectedly fancy. The color of the building can be describe as gold. Many wealthy people rent this place for parties because of its popularity. The hotel is rated 5 in stars. At the door, there's two security men that would check our stuff just to make sure that we are not dangerous. We had to go through this one censor door. As me and Karen walk into the building, we see cameras everywhere on the wall. I doubt people would be able to have their private time any soon or later.

   We finally arrived into a double door, the entrance to the main room of where the party is at,  " Okay so i think this is it! " Karen exclaims.  Karen grabs the handle on the left while i grab the right handle. We pulled and it turns out that there's another hall way that we have to go through.

   " I guess not. Let's keep on walking " Karen says confusingly. I nodded and we both started walking towards the other door. " Alright, let's open this door, 1, 2, 3 ! " says Karen. All we see is another hall way with another double door in front us. " Are they playing some sort of a game with us?",  I ask annoyingly.  Karen instantly gives me the Why are you asking me? You're smarter than me so don't ask me look. Quickly, I walk towards to the next double door in front of us. I quickly and open the double door roughly.

    The room is filled with fancy decorations. Everyone turned around and looked at as soon as I opened the double door. My guess would be the door's noise not me because there's no need for them to look at me when I haven't do anything stupid yet. Behind my shoulder, I could see that Karen is walking quickly to catch up with me. Karen saw that the crowds are starring at us.

  " Good evening guys! Sorry, it was just the door, you guys can continue doing whatever you guys were doing " , Karen smiles.

Everyone goes back to whatever they were doing. If you know that you will make the public stare at you, now you know to bring someone like Karen with you just in case you know..

  " As I expect from you Karen, always save my life in the public. " 

  " You know that's what I'm for, we should go inside and start greeting people "

  I nodded obediently and follow Karen. Like I've said before, if you are not good with public, you should bring someone like Karen along with you. It always surprises me of how well she can deal with publicity. Everyone who was starring at us earlier, now starting to have interest in us because of the way Karen is greeting and talking to them. Most of her conversation and greeting started with different kinds of compliments like " Your dress is stunning! Where did you get it?" or " Wow, you got a nice ass, what kind of work out did you do to make it look so damn good? "

  After 5 minutes of greeting people, our honor principal, Ms.Fransisca walks up to the stage and started talking on the mic, " Ahem, good evening everyone! Welcome to the Masquerade party. For those who don't know, you guys got invited to this party because you guys kept up all A's in all of the rigorous courses that you guys took. We would like to thank you for all of your hard work and for representing our school at its best by throwing this beautiful Masquerade Party for you guys tonight. Once again, thank you and enjoy the rest of the night" . Everyone started clapping as she step down from the stage. Ms.Fransisca is a 27 years old lady who graduated from a college in French. She has long blond thick hair. She's very easy going and well rounded. Every student in our school loves to have a conversation with her.

  Music continues and everyone started chit chatting with their friends but most of them are dancing along with the music and having fun. " Hey Kar- " I turned around and she wasn't there anymore. This woman, she is such a troublesome. I could've sworn she was standing right next to me this entire time. Where the heck is she? Oh, found her.  I quickly walk over to where I spotted her but then something made me stop. I saw her flirting with a tall blonde guy with blue eyes. He's wearing a black tuxedo with black mask on. From far away, I can see that the blonde guy smirk a lot while he is having a conversation with Karen. I hope things will go well for the two of them.

  It's been 15 minutes since Ms. Fransisca spoken her speech at the stage. I have been walking around and drinking coke for too much now. This is not good, I will end up getting hyper. Lydia, stop drinking and go find a friend. But as usual, my body is very disobedient towards me, so instead of finding a friend of mine at the party, I went and go grab myself another glass of coke.

  As I'm walking, I see many kinds of people. They are all wearing different suits and dresses but what they wear doesn't interest me until I spotted a person. I spotted a man. He wears a black suit. He has brown hair with black-white mask on. He stands with his back on the wall alone. What is wrong with me? Stop looking at him otherwise you wil-  Oh no, it's too late. I bumped into someone.

  " I am so sorry, I didn't mea-"

  " Bitch, watch where you're going. This is a new tuxedo that I'm wearing. "

  " But I didn't mea-"

   The guy walks closer to me as he speaks, "Are you trying to start a fight with me when YOU were the one that crashed into me?"

   I don't know what I was thinking, but this guy irritates me so much so I said the most stupidest thing ever, " Yes, you asshole "

  The guy turned red and his hands turned into a fist.  " What did you just called me ? "

  " A-S-S-H-O-L-E " Stupid, you're just trying to get yourself killed by this guy. What the hell Lydia, you know you're too tiny to be having a fight with this guy.

  The guy quickly throw his fist at me, punching me. I moved my head to the other direction, dodging it before it hits me. I know I cannot run in heels. It's perfect, I didn't want to run anyway. Unexpectedly, he grabbed my neck when my guard was down and started choking me. I cannot breathe. My lungs feel like it's going to explode. I feel like I am about to faint. Don't be weak. Don't give in to this asshole Lydia. Survive.

   Suddenly, I can breathe again. I heard the guy that was choking me let me go and screams in pain. Someone caught me in their arms before I fell on the floor. I started coughing. Thank God I can breathe again with my lungs. Whoever saved my damn life,  you are precious. I look up to see who's carrying me at the moment, oh my gosh, it's him. The brown haired headed dude with the black-white mask and black suits on.

  " Agh, It's you again. Why do you always have to interrupt me when I'm dealing with something?!"

  " Stop being an asshole, otherwise I will give you hell. Plus, you hurt a girl. Apologize to her."

 The guy's face went from angry to being scared. Does he fears the guy that's carrying me at the moment that much?

   " I am sorry for my behavior. " Then he turns around and walks away annoyed.

 I was about to say it's okay but I didn't get the chance to since he started walking away. I looked up at the brown haired guy who is carrying me still,

   " Thanks for helping me, you can put me down now. "

   " No, not until we go to the nurse. "

   " But there's nothing wrong with me "

   " He choked you. Now shut up and let me carry you "


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