The Unexpected

Lydia Scarlet, a bright 15 years old girl trying to help her best friend, Karen Thorn out who got herself into a huge trouble that could change her life forever. What will they do about it?


2. Being a girl

        Dance practice was alright. I had to practice the choreography for next week's performance. Some of the girls were fooling around and didn't even try to practice which what hold the team back. At least I'm having a solo but still. If they don't like dancing, then they should just quit.

       School is finally over and Summer has officially started. Tonight is also the Masquerade Party. I still wonder, what kind of party starts at 9 PM and ends at 1 AM? I still find that crazy because I've never go to a party that starts and ends that late or at least invited to until now. It's only 1 PM, I have over 3 hours to get ready for tonight's party. Why not go to a salon?

       I quickly stopped reading and go to the kitchen to cook myself something to eat for lunch before I left to the salon. I'm making myself one hot dog with ketchup on it. It always gets me full. I went and took a one hour bath and shower to make sure that I am extra clean for the party. It's 4:00 PM since I did took 1 hour to eat and another 1 hour to take a shower and bath. Luckily, the salon is not that far away from my house, but still, wasting time is bad. Procrastinating is bad and I shouldn't let those turn into my habit. After I dried my hair and put some lotion and clothes on, I ran to my garage and start my car engine. My father taught me that it's not good to start driving your car immediately right after you turned the engine on. You should let it warm up for a bit then start driving it, so of course that's what I did. I turned on the car's engine and let the car warm up. While it's doing that, I went and lock every single doors and windows in the house except for the garage door.  Alright, everything is good, I thought.

    After all of those crazy hair styling at the saloon, I looked at the mirror before I left. My hair was in a complete up do. The hairstylist first washed my hair, then dry them with a hair drier. I told the hairstylist that I've washed my hair before i came here but she still insisted. Next, she curled my hair with a wander and a normal curler. After that, she did some complicated stuff with my hair which things that i could never do without months of practice unlike other girls who are naturally good at it. I thought it was beautiful.

  I quickly drive home and run inside into my house. It was already 6:30 PM by the time I arrived home. I still haven't done my make up yet, well I hope I will be done before it hits 9. I walked into the bathroom to wash my face. Then I quickly run into the make up room to make myself over. Alright, let's start with putting some face powder that blends in with my skin color before i put anything else on it. I like doing that to make my face look more clear. You guys might think it's a foundation that I'm putting on right now but no, it's not. It is just a normal powder that has the color of my skin. My mother does not allow me to wear foundation because she thinks it will turn my face into one bloody hell.

   After 15 minutes past by, I'm only done putting mascara, top and bottom eyeliner, and eye shadow on my left eye. I still have my right eye to go and blush. As I continue putting make up on my face, my phone rings. I look to see who it is and it says " Karen is calling " . Oh dear, it's Karen. What does she wants now? I picked up the phone and put it on speaker;

" Hi Karen "

" Hey girl! Are you still getting ready?"

" Haha, yeah, I'm putting make up on. Are you ready?"

" Yeah I'm really close of being ready. All I have to do is put on some bracelet and necklace so I won't look boring. May I come over to your house?"

" Right now?"

" No silly!  After I'm done getting ready of course. Plus, I haven't eat dinner yet. There's always food in your house so can I come over and eat dinner there? "

" Sure, I don't mind. Yes, there's always food in my house. Okay how about this, you come over to my house. We leave together from my house to the party then we go home together and you sleep over at my house.. how about that?"

" Yeah sure! That's actually a great idea! I'll bring some of my clothes there. "

" Alright, I'll see you soon Karen. "

" Can't wait! See ya ! "


     Karen arrived 2 hour ago. I'm ready with everything. I put on my black heels and walked out of the closet. " Karen, how do I look?"

Karen drops her jaws and told me that I look beautiful. I told her that she does too but she denies it after seeing what I looks like. Girl's problem, I sighed.

" What time it is Karen? "

" 8:30, Shall we get going? "

" No, wait picture! We need to have picture together! "

We went into the photo studio room and set my camera with a timer. We stood and posed as if we are a model. The picture turns out pretty good.

"Now, are we ready? "

" Let's go " Karen smiles.




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