This is for my friend she wrote me one called Nobody Compares by ayyosammi so go check it out after you read this fic

Being famous isnt easy for Sammantha but things get alot harder when she gets some shocking news from her boyfriend that gets her seeking comfort from two ways but must choose one direction

P.s. Sorry if you feel like the begining takes took long its just that i made this ff specifically for her like she wants be an actress when she grows up so I made her an actress and she wanted a Nathaniel so i gave her a Nathaniel


6. The Call

When I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing. I look at the clock and it says 3:17 p.m. I check my phone to see who's calling and its Niall. "Hello" I answer. "Liam!" Niall yells. "We've calling all morning!" "Yeah well I've been asleep all morning." "Why?" he asks "I had a long night. So what happend?" "Nothing. I just wanted to tell you hi." "So you've been calling all morning to tell me hi." I say fustrated "No I'm just kidding. I called to tell you Simon called." "What! He called? What did he say?" "Just that we're all to be at the hotel in 3 days because we'll be recording soon." "Ok. So did Simon say anything els?" I ask "Nah thats it" he answers "So how you been. Are you feeling better since the whole Danielle thing?" he asks me sounding worried. Niall asks me this every time he ever since Danielle and I broke up. I alway say I'm fine but he never believes me. "Actually I'm feeling alot better." I tell. "Really? Is it the hotel?" he ask curiosly. "Yeah. Something like that." I answer him not sure if I should tell him about Sammantha. But I think I should see from her before I ever tell anyone. "I gotta go. Imma go take a shower and get sonething to eat. "Alright bye." he says "Bye"

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