This is for my friend she wrote me one called Nobody Compares by ayyosammi so go check it out after you read this fic

Being famous isnt easy for Sammantha but things get alot harder when she gets some shocking news from her boyfriend that gets her seeking comfort from two ways but must choose one direction

P.s. Sorry if you feel like the begining takes took long its just that i made this ff specifically for her like she wants be an actress when she grows up so I made her an actress and she wanted a Nathaniel so i gave her a Nathaniel


11. Strangers

When I wake up I'm laying in a bed surrounded by four hot guys. "See I told you I saw her move." the blonde boy with an Irish accent tells the guys he standing next to. Since I don't know how I got here and I don't know who these guys are, I get off the bed as fast as I can and run for the door thats behind them. The one holding a napkin to his nose blocks the door and catches me when I get dizzy and fall. "Look we're not going to hurt you." the one helping me stand says. When I feel someone grab my arm I get so shocked that I swing and and hit a boy with curly hair on the jaw. "OWWW!!" he yells in pain while the two boys by the bed laugh. "See! I told you guys to wait in your rooms while me and Niall helped her!" the whose helping me stand yells. "I was just trying to help!" the curly haired boy says "What do you mean help?" I ask them "You ran into us and hit your head on a vase." the one helping me stand says "Then you passed out so I carried you here and had a nurse check you." "Oh. Thank you." I tell him. "Its nothing. Its sorta of our fault too. We were running from some fans and we ran into each other." He pauses then says "I'm Zayn. Thats Harry" he points to the boy I hit. Harry looks at me. "Sorry" I tell him feeling bad. "Its ok." "And thats Niall." Zayn points at the Irish blonde who gives a small smile at me. "And Louie." he finishes by pointing at the tan guy next to Niall who smiles. "Hi. I'm Sammantha." I tell then. "Yeah we know." Louie says. "Thank you guys for helping but I have to go." I tell them while looking around the room for my purse. "Thanks." I tell Niall when he hands me my purse. "Can you walk?" Zayn asks while letting me go. I tried but my knees got shaky. "I'll help you walk to your room." Zayn tells me while opening the door. "Okay." I tell him and put my arm around his neck while he puts his arm around my waist and walk out.

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