This is for my friend she wrote me one called Nobody Compares by ayyosammi so go check it out after you read this fic

Being famous isnt easy for Sammantha but things get alot harder when she gets some shocking news from her boyfriend that gets her seeking comfort from two ways but must choose one direction

P.s. Sorry if you feel like the begining takes took long its just that i made this ff specifically for her like she wants be an actress when she grows up so I made her an actress and she wanted a Nathaniel so i gave her a Nathaniel


7. Starstruck

When I finish with my shower I lay on the couch to relax. I begin to think of yesterday. When I got out of the elevator and saw Sammantha getting into one across the lobby. I don't know why I did but I ran into the she was going in. Maybe because I was starstruck or maybe its because she's my secret celeb crush. When I got into the elevator I was hoping to talk to her or at least get a photo. But what happend was something I never expected. I check my phone for missed calls and see I have missed calls from; Simon, Simon, Louie, Louie, Niall, Louie, Niall, Mom, Mom, Louie, Niall, Niall Damn Niall wasn't lying when he said they've calling all morning. I feel upset when I realize I didn't see Daniel's name. When I hear my stomach grumble I decide to go out and get some food. I'm not sure what Sammantha would like so I decide to get pizza, soda, and chocolate ice cream because I'm pretty sure girls like to eat chocolate ice cream when their sad. After that thought I decide to get some romantic movies because I think they like that also. When I get to Sammantha's room door I get so nervous that I just stand there.

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