This is for my friend she wrote me one called Nobody Compares by ayyosammi so go check it out after you read this fic

Being famous isnt easy for Sammantha but things get alot harder when she gets some shocking news from her boyfriend that gets her seeking comfort from two ways but must choose one direction

P.s. Sorry if you feel like the begining takes took long its just that i made this ff specifically for her like she wants be an actress when she grows up so I made her an actress and she wanted a Nathaniel so i gave her a Nathaniel


19. Nightmare

"Danielle. What are you doing?" "Liam I'm leaving." I see her say but its not her voice. Its the same words like always but its not her voice. "No" I say.and walk up to her " No Danielle please don't leave me." I beg not wanting the love of my life to leave. "I'm not going anywhere." I see her say but again its not her voice. I feel relieved by her words but the bags in her hand clearly say she's leaving. "Danielle, I don't understand." She drops her bags and pokes a finger at my chest. "You're the one leaving Liam. You are." This time its her voice. She continues and I see tears welling up in her eyes "You're going off to concerts. To film videos. Do interviews. Red Carpets." "Danielle" I say to stop her but she keeps going. "Photoshoots. Signings. Awards." She stops to wipe tears from her eyes. "I'm happy for you Liam. I'm proud of you. I really am." She says giving me a beautiful sad smile. "But I miss you." "I miss you too." I tell her and try to grab her hand but she backs away. "No Liam. No you dont! You don't call me. You answer when I call. You don't text me. You don't even visit me when you can. Or maybe you just don't want to." "Danielle you know it's I try." "No you don't. You don't Liam. You've been here two weeks. TWO FUCKIN WEEKS!" she yells and starts smacking my chest so I back away. "And I find out about this yesterday!" With that she leaves but I stop her. "I can't do this anymore Liam." She tells me sadly. "Please I'll be better." I beg. She shakes her head no and wipes tears from her face. I can feel my own going dowm my cheeks. "Liam your great. You'll be fine. Everything will be okay." I see her say but this time it not her voice. I watch her walk away. Every step she takes feels like a stab to my heart until she's gone. And some am I.

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