This is for my friend she wrote me one called Nobody Compares by ayyosammi so go check it out after you read this fic

Being famous isnt easy for Sammantha but things get alot harder when she gets some shocking news from her boyfriend that gets her seeking comfort from two ways but must choose one direction

P.s. Sorry if you feel like the begining takes took long its just that i made this ff specifically for her like she wants be an actress when she grows up so I made her an actress and she wanted a Nathaniel so i gave her a Nathaniel


28. He Knows

Shit! He knows. Should I confess or act dumb. I must've been taking too long to answer because he kicks my stomach hard making me have to catch my breath. I look up at him. He doesn't look mad instead his anger looks like it switched to sadness but not for long "Well!!" he yells looking pissed. I'll play dumb. "Harry you fucker! What the hell are you talking about!" Yea Liam nice act mad instead of innocent. This must've angered him because now he's on top of me and he bitch slaps me on the face. Hard. I try to get up but now he's pinning me down. I could've easily taken him on earlier but now I'm stuck. "Get off me!" I growl. "You gonna tell me what the fuck you were doing in her room last night?" He asks. I try to wiggle free while saying "Harry you bet-" He cuts me off and says "Or why she spent the night in yours the other night?" This time I stop wiggling and look at him wondering how he knows. By doing this I basically gave myself away. I know it an the look on his face says he does too. "Harry its not what you think." I say slowly. He lets and gets off me and looks at me with disgust. I sigh, get up, and dust myself off. "Mate it's not like that. We're just friends." I tell him. "Bullshit its always like that." He tells me. Repeating what Zayn said last night. "How could you Liam? I neve-" "I was helping her." I say interrupting him. Now he's confused." Yeah right. With what undress?" He's says not sure if he believes me. "C'mon you've seen the magazine's. I know she hasn't because she's been hiding here but when you our out what are all the front pages about?" I ask knowing he's starting to believe me by the guilt on his face. "Her breakup." He says now understanding but not wanting to. "Why do you need to be sleeping over?" He asks not ready to be done. "I don't know we just fall asleep." I say. "But why do you need to be over all the time." I sigh and scratch the back of my neck. "Because she helps me too. I can't get ovet that I wasn't good enough that I failed." He sighs and hugs me. "I'm sorry." He says. "For what?" I ask shocked when he lets go. "For hitting you and setting you up with Danielle." He tells me sounding guilty. "Don't be I'm happy I met Danielle." " Yeah but Liam if you were missing her why didn't you tell us." Is he really asking me that? "When we broke up you guys went to Simon and my family! You guys tried to get them to put me in a mental facility!" I yell angry that he brought that up. " You were hurting yourself Liam! We didn't know what to do! We were worried about you! The people on tour wouldn't help us! They thought we were being dramatic because you looked fine for stage!" He yells mad at the memory. "I WAS FINE!" I yell. "No you weren't. You weren't. You weren't eating. You always came to rehearsal drunk when you know you shouldn't be drinking. And when you weren't drinking you were missing." I stay quiet. "Well I'm fine now and me Danielle are talking again." I look at Harry and see if he approves. He does so I smile. "Are you getting back together?" He asks smiling. "I don't know." I say because she's the one who broke up with me. "Do you want to?" He asks me. "I don't know." I say because Sammatha is in my life. Harry just nods. "I'm really sorry about hitting you." He apologizes. "Its okay you were just protecting Zayn." I say. "Yeah good thing I didn't tell Zayn. He would've done worse." He says already picturing what would've went down if Zayn thought what Harry did. He shakes his head not liking what he sees. "Yeah he would." Because he would there's no questioning that. "Could you not tell Zayn about this or Sammatha." I ask him. "Yeah. And did you know her before we came?" "Yeah" I answer truthfully instead of lying. "Why did you lie?" He asks tiredly. "Because. ..I was shocked on how you guys met and then it was too late to say something because I know you guys would get suspicious." He sighs probablytired of me and he doesn't say anything so I do. "Lets just pretend this never happened. We forget it and never talk abou to each other or anybody else." He nods and agrees with me and pullsme into a hug. "Alright. I'm sorry." He apologizes again making me feel bad for lying. "For what?" I ask already knowing why. "You know for hi-" I stop him "Eh eh eh eh. Shhhhh. Never happened." He smiles and hugs me again. "Your too good Liam." He lets go and pats my arm "And you are good enough." God I'm a bad person. He looks so guilty and pained because of what he did to me when I actually deserve it. "Thanks mate." I don't look at him when I say this. "C'mon come hang with us. We all miss you and never see you anymore." He tells me sadly. "Yeah okay."

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