This is for my friend she wrote me one called Nobody Compares by ayyosammi so go check it out after you read this fic

Being famous isnt easy for Sammantha but things get alot harder when she gets some shocking news from her boyfriend that gets her seeking comfort from two ways but must choose one direction

P.s. Sorry if you feel like the begining takes took long its just that i made this ff specifically for her like she wants be an actress when she grows up so I made her an actress and she wanted a Nathaniel so i gave her a Nathaniel


25. Goodnight

"Sammantha wake up." I feel something nudging me."Hmmm." I mumble out sleeply. "Sammantha. Wake up sleepy head we're here." Zayn says, still nudging me."Huh?" I say and lift my head up to look around. I notice we're in the alley next to the hotel. Its the kitchen exit we used to sneak away from the paparazzi. "We're here. You fell asleep during the ride back." He tells me once he reached my door to open it."Oh. Yeah well I was just catching up on my beauty sleep." I say. "Then I should've woke you up cause you don't need it." I look at him and smile. I have to admit that was pretty cheesy but my broken heart doesn't mind. I take his hand as he helps me off. He doesn't let go so we're holding hands. I notice he's holding my bouquet and clothes in his other hand. Good thing he didn't forget those. "Well why didn't you wake me up. We could've talked and stuff." He just shrugs casually and says "You looked cute and peaceful sleeping." He looks at me and smiles as we walk hand in hand. I can feel my butterfly friends but I try to act casual so I say, "So you we're watching me sleep? Creeeepy." I hold back a laugh when his eyes go wide and he starts to speak, "No No. I didn't mean that I mean you do look cute sleeping but I wasn't watching you I just I was watching the road and-" "Zayn!" I say cutting him off. "Breathe. I was just kidding." I look at him start to laugh. I let go of his hand and point at him because he's half glaring half smiling at me while I just laugh my ass of. He just looks so funny. We have to stop because I need a moment. When I'm done he's just smiling at me with his arms crossed. "What?" I ask when I finally caught my breath. "I finally found something you don't look good doing " "So you're saying I'm am an ugly laugher?" I ask and walk up to him. "Yes" he answers. So I smack his shoulder." Oww. So you could take a compliment but not an insult?" He asks me. "So you could take a compliment but not an insult?" I say in a deep British accent trying to copy him. "That's offensive." He says." That's offensive." I say copying him again and I stick mytongue out. "That's it." He says and grabs my sides making me laugh. Crap. He lets go and looks at me. He reaches out and pokes my side. I start to laugh. He smiles and says "You're ticklish." I take a step back and answer "No" We're already in the lobby so I look for the closest elevator. "Are sure? I think we check." He takes a step to me and that's when I take off to the nearest elevator it's open but instead of walking in I fly in because I tripped. I land on the floor hard with an 'Ooomph'. A few seconds later Zayn comes in and helps me up. God I feel so embarrassed. "Are you alright?" He asks serious holding on my shoulders with each hand. Looking into my eyes. "Yeah. Yeah. I'm alright." I say with my eyes closed." I sway a little that's not a good sign. "Are sure the nurse said that you'd be fine but to take it easy and not fall on your head." "It's okay Zayn I'm fine." I say even though I see three of him. I lean my head back and close my eyes. Zayn pushes our floor number and does the same as me. "You know this is where we met." I smile and chuckle as I say "Zayn that was only yesterday." "I know but it feels longer. " I look at him and say smiling" That's because we spent the day together." He smiles back and says "Yeah," then he takes my hand "We did." The elevator opens up and we exit but stand right in front of it. "So." He says looking at our hands. "So." I say back. "So can we do this again?" He asks nervously. I look at his eyes. I remember yesterday trying to figure out the exact but couldn't. I can't I'm too scared to go on another date what if it turns out like Nathaniel. So many emotions running through my mind I can't figure out what to to feel until they get tired and stop with sadness. "No" I say sadly. "No?" He asks with obvious hurt in his voice. My heart is saying yes but my head is saying no. I decide to listen to who I always do. So I nod no and look away I can't look at him. "Sammantha. Why?" "I just can't Zayn.I like you alot but I'm not looking to date or anything." He smiling now. "What?" I ask . "You said you liked me." Wow. I could laugh. Its like he didn't hear anything thing else but that. "Yeah but I said I'm not looking to date." "I know but that's enough to try." He says biting back an excited smile. "To try what." I say calmly. "To try and win your heart." He answers still smiling. He seems so happy now, confident. I don't get it. "You act like its a game. Right now it looks like you break hearts more than you win them." He shakes his head." You don't get it. You don't know how great it would feel to know I won your heart even when you thought I couldn't. " I cross my arms and back away from until I'm forced to stop because of the elevator door. If it were to open right now I would fall back and mostly likely get into a coma because of my head. "I'm not some prize you can win at a carnival Zayn." I say frustrated. He sighs and takes a moment like he's thinking. Finally says, "You're right your not a prize." He takes a few steps close to me I can't move back so I'm stuck." You're so much more than that. And would be happy to know I one your heart and got you to feel what I feel for you." He walks up to me and now we're chest to chest. "To know that you chose to be with me even though you choose to be with now one." "But Zayn I need time. I don't want to rush." I tell him holding back the urge to smack my lips with his. My head is spinning as he grabs my hands and put them on his chest. The butterflies go crazy when he grabs my waist. "I know. I don't want to rush anything either. I just want you to know what I feel." I smile because I think I feel the same. "I know Zayn but you need to know I'm not ready for something serious." I tell him but I can't stop myself from looking at his lips when they're so close. "Alright but I do know you me just as much as I want you." After he says he touches his forehead to mine. "Someone's cocky." I say as move my hands up to his neck. "Not cocky just truth." He says and closes his eyes. I do the same as I feel him lean. I do the same. Wanting it bad just like he said. Our lips are about to touch but I back away because Liams face flashes in my head and I have no idea why. Zayn just sighs and backs away. "Zayn there's something I have to tell you." I say knowing he has to know. "Okay." "Um well I'm sorta seeing someone." I tell him when I say this he takes a few steps away from me. "What? You have a boyfriend?" He asks with a hurt/mad voice. But mostly hurt." No he's not my boyfriend we're just seeing each other." He looks confused now. "So what you're saying is your dating him?" Now I feel dumb for mentioning it. "No its not dating. Its nothing serious. Nothing like this." I answer because its not. This is way better. Liam never took me on a date. All we ever do is either hang out or make out. Zayn walks in a quick circle to think. When he's done he starts talking to me and walking to me. "So he's not your boyfriend?" I nod no and watch him take a step to me. "And you guys aren't dating?" I nod no not and look up at him because he standing infront of me now. "And you're not serious?" I nod no slowly as he closes the space between us and takes my hand. "But you're seeing someone?" Zayn asks. I nod yes this time. He moves his hands up each of mine up to my arms to my shoulders to my neck till finally he's cupping my face. "I don't care." He says. "You don't?" I finally say. He nods no and puts his forehead to mine "No because I'm not gonna stop." He whispers and touches his nose to mine. "Good." I say as I wrap my arms around his neck and watch him close his eyes as I close mine. "I don't want you to." I finally whisper and let him lean in. Our lips barely touch but when the elevator dings and opens causing us both to turn our heads. When we look there staring back at me is Liam.

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