This is for my friend she wrote me one called Nobody Compares by ayyosammi so go check it out after you read this fic

Being famous isnt easy for Sammantha but things get alot harder when she gets some shocking news from her boyfriend that gets her seeking comfort from two ways but must choose one direction

P.s. Sorry if you feel like the begining takes took long its just that i made this ff specifically for her like she wants be an actress when she grows up so I made her an actress and she wanted a Nathaniel so i gave her a Nathaniel


27. Bug

When I wake up I'm happy because there was no nightmare. I don't know why it happened they went away when I first met Sammantha. I feel a smile form on my face at the thought of her name. But then I frown. I shouldn't be smiling like that we're just friends. But right now I don't know. I remember yesterday all the feelings that hit me yesterday when I saw her with Zayn. Like in the morning when she left with him. I would've gone crazy all day but I got lucky because Danielle called me. She could tell something was wrong. Of course she I never got away with hiding my feelings from her so I told her. I told her about Sammantha and how I felt when she left with Zayn. She didn't get mad or sad which kinda got me feeling sad because it felt like she didn't miss me. I told her I didn't want to talk about and we didn't instead we started talking about us and all good and funny memories. It was really nice. I feel my stomach get into a knot so I stop thinking about her and sit up. I see Sammantha passed out on the couch across from me. I stayed over and we talked. Nothing serious. Nothing about yesterday. I know that's why she invited me over but instead we just talked the way we did before she met the guys. I sigh. It wasn't the same. There was like an invisible wall between us. We didn't get too personal and we didn't mention her date. Neither one of us ever made a move to each other. "Good morning." I look up and see Sammantha smiling at me. I smile back. "Good morning." I say. "You wanna go get some food." I ask her. "Mmm. No I wanna go back to sleep." She tells me and turns her back to me. I get up grab her purse then open the door. Then I go and throw her over my shoulder. "Liam!" She shrieks. "What are you doing! Put me down!" She yell while kicking. "No one says no to Liam James Payne." I tell her while still carrying her even though she stopped kicking now just hanging. "Wow really? If you do this" she stops and gestures me kidnapping her. "When someone says no to eat with you I'm scared to find out what you do when a girl says no to having sex with you." She says. "Ha. That never happens. Like I said no one says no to me." "Cockiness must run in the band." "What?" I ask. "Never mind. You can put me down." I just smile and move my hand to her but. She gasps and starts kicking hard. "Liam! Put me down now!!" She yells while pounding on my back. I do what she says and then I laugh. We finally make to the buffet and get our food. We're quite while we. "Sooo." Sammantha starts off. "Did you...have..any nightmares." My head shoots up from looking at my food to look at her. "How did you-" She talks before letting me finish." The night I stayed with you. You were talking in your sleep before I left that morning." She says awkwardly." Wh-what did you hear." I ask stuttering. "Um. Your were begging Danielle not to leave you." She says not looking at me. I stay quiet. She reaches across the table and takes my hand. "Liam. You know you can talk to me if you're still having a hard time dealing with your break up." I look at her put I don't see her I see Danielle. "Liam?" And just like that back to Sammantha. I look away and get up. "I'm sorry but have to go." I say without looking at her. "Uh okay?" She says with hurt in her voice. Now I feel bad but I can't bring myself to look at her or sit down. "Sorry." I say and walk away I don't look back. I walk in the elevator and feel a growl escape my mouth. I punch the wall as I wait to get to my floor. I have no idea why but I'm so angry. I hear the ding and walk out. I decide to go to Nialls room. All the guys are here. They all cheer except for for Harry. He just glares at me. I decide to ignore it. "Eyy so what were you guys talking about here?" I ask. "Zayn was telling us about his date." I tense up but none of the lads notice except for Harry who keeps glaring at me. "You told them how you got her to sleep with you?" I ask bitterly. They don't notice which is good instead most of them perk up while Zayn looks at me confused." Oohoo Zayn got it in with Hollywood's Saint." Louie says referring to Sammanthas nickname she got from all the charity donations and volunteer work. "Liam what are you talking about I didn't sleep with her. We never even kissed." All the guys look at Zayn shocked. Its not really surprising to hear when Zayn sleeps with a girl but its shocking to hear that he didn't get a kiss on a date because usually he gets alot more. "What?" I ask truly shocked and happy. "Nothing happend. She said she doesn't want to date." He doesn't even sound sad. "Wow. That sucks for every breathing male that's ever laid eyes on her." Niall jokes. Zayn smiles" Yeah it does because she's dating me." Now I'm confused "I thought you said she's not dating." Louie asks. "Yeah but I'm not gonna let a girl like that get away so easily. Especially since she's 'seeing someone'." When he says that Harry finally looks away from me and focuses on Zayn "Did she say who." Harry asks. "No but she said its nothing like what me and her have." Zayn smiling when he's says this. It feels like I got stabbed with a knife because I'm pretty sure she was talking about me. "So enough about me let's talk about Liam." Zayn say making all the guys look at me. "What?" I ask looking at him. "You know that lady 'friend' you went to see last nigh." Zayn reminds me putting emphasis on 'friend'. "Oh yeah." I say stupidly. "So" Louie says pushing to know more. "Nothing. I just went to visit a friend." "Well are you gonna tell us who she is." Niall asks. "No" I say. "Why? What are you trying to hide?" Harry asks rudely. Now I'm mad. He's been acting weird since I got here. "You got a problem mate?" I ask challengingly. He just crosses his arms and shuts his annoying mouth. "Yeah so I'm gonna go now." I say. All the guys, except Harry, try to stop me and when they finally let me leave they get mad at Harry. I head out to the elevator. As I wait for the elevator I hear something behind me. When I turn around I see Harry. He walks up to me fast with a strange look on his. "Harry wha-" I don't get to finish because he pushes me hard making me fall on my back. "What the fuckHarry!!" I try to get up but he kicks me hard making me fall back on the floor. "What are you doing with Sammantha?!"

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