Hate that I Love you

this is the story about a girl name Kassie who struggles with a low self esteam and her bully. The only twist to the whole bully thing is that hes Niall Horan from One Direction. read this story to see how Kassie falls in love with her bully and the reason she hates it ao much


2. Melissa Stevinson

weeeeessssssupppp its Melissa but my bestie calls me Mel any way ugggg I absolutley HATE Niall Horan he bullies my boo Kassie and it pisses me off. The worst part about it is that she wont let me do anything about it.I feel like punching him, in the face but she stops me she has issues but I love her anyway the picture there is me 

fav color: red 

d.o.b :May 10, 1993


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