Learning to Let Go

Annalise is a volleyball all-star. One who will have the ability to go to the Olympics. It's just a natural talent. At 15, two years ago, she got involved with Seth. A sweet guy, really. But she stopped focusing on volleyball. After breaking up, she swore she wouldn't date until making the Olympics. So much for that, now she's got a new crush, one that she's trying to keep hidden. It's bad enough she has one problem, but she's moving down the block to a bigger house. Why? Because three years after her father's death, her mom is ready to marry again, to Ryan Kennedy.The worst part? Annalise has trouble getting along with Dylan, Ryan's 14 year old son.


4. Vanessa's Party

I kept on my clothes I wore to the board walk, since Vanessa said casual, but the only thing that wasn't casual was my Living Locket from the Origami Owl company. What it is is a locket with glass sides so you can see through the locket, and you put charms inside to tell a story. You can put plates in, so it isn't see-through. There's also dangles, they dangle off the different kinds of chains you can buy. Then the actual locket you can choose too, there's different sizes and different colors and all that jazz.
My chain is the 16 to 18" rolo-chain with a large locket with rhinestones. 
I don't have any dangles or plates, but what I do have is something almost like a pendant with a A on it from the tag line. The tag line is dog tags, but fancier. They say something inspiring on each of them, things like "fearless," "family," "inspire," you get the idea. Then you can get little earth elements that are like little different colored pearls to hang down. There's also pendants that say "I am," "Be," stuff like that to go with the tags. And, of course, the initial pendants.
The charms in my locket are pretty neat. I have a lot, so many that not all of them fit and I swap them in and out. One I always keep in there is my volleyball charm. I also have a rose gold infinite sign, a dog with a pink collar, an owl with teal diamond eyes, a teal, heart-shaped lock with a matching heart-shaped hey, a horse (My uncle gave me my own horse that lives and eats at his barn on his property), a peace sign, a silver heart with teal gems (can you tell teal is the color of the company?), a vintage cross, flip-flops, a palm tree, and a heart with the words "family" engraved on it.
Tonight I was hoping to put together a tag necklace. 
As I walked out the door I yelled, "Bye, Mom!"
"Bye, have fun!" She yelled back.
"I will!"
I drove down the block away from the board walk and made a U-turn, going up the second block away from the beach. I eased into Vanessa's driveway and sped up the stairs and through the front door, half an hour early.
"Annalise!" Vanessa said, wrapping me in a warm hug. "Want to help and Mrs. Robertson set up?"
Mrs. Robertson is a person who works for the company and has parties at people's houses where the hostess invites guests to come look at the catalogs and order necklaces. Mrs. Robertson's job is to help out and answer any questions and send the orders to the company.
I pulled out one of those stands that's was kind of like a mannequin's neck, if you know what I mean, out of her bag and set it on the table.
"So, Vanessa," I said as we pulled various items out of the three, huge bags Mrs. Robertson had. "How many people are coming?"
"Well, everyone on the team, ummm some of my mom's friends, and a couple people from school. And the hostess gets a discount depending on how much money is spent at your party!"
I laughed. "Good thing you have a large house! You'll get everything free if everyone buys something!"
"They always do that at these parties," Mrs. Robertson said as she sat back on her heels looking at the table. "Everyone normally always buys something, if not for themselves as a gift."
"Well, then," I said. "Vanessa can say hello to a free necklace!"
Mrs. Robertson laughed. "Alright, we're almost done."
I pulled out a pretty blue glass bottle and she draped a necklace around it.
Finally we finished, and just in time too. Right after Mrs. Robertson fixed the last necklace onto another bottle, Vicky, Dani, and Julianna rang the door bell.
I acted as a butler, if a butler holds open the door open while eating Cheetos off of a plate along with strawberries, blackberries, and pineapple. Gotta eat healthy to be fit! 
Literally the only unhealthy food there was Cheetos, and that's because Vanessa's addicted to them. Like, REALLY ADDICTED TO THEM. She has posters and drawings of "Cheetos Cat" in her room! She's always drawing him on notebooks, papers, and chalkboards. She's gotten so good she can draw it in a matter of seconds. Perfect every time. 
Soon after 6, everyone had arrived for a total of 20 people, including Vanessa. 
"Alright, if everyone could sit down," Mrs. Robertson began. "And we're going to play a little game. I have a little glass jar here with a special prize inside."
The jar had paper on the inside so you couldn't see what was inside.
"And I'm going to read a little story about the company and every time you here the word left you pass it to your left, right you pass to the right. Whoever holds it at the end wins! Vanessa can have it first since she's the hostess, alright. About two years ago, there was a girl. And she wanted her a car. Her parents told her, 'I can tell you right…now young lady you will have to earn the money yourself. So she decided to babysit. Realizing that babysitting would get her nowhere, she went left an and right and right again to try and find jobs. She ended up taking a right left turn into designing her own jewelry..."
The story went on until finally the jar was two people away to my left, so I needed two more rights.
"I hope you will make the right choice on the right jewelry, and that's the end of the story! Looks like Annalise is our winner!"
I opened the jar to find milk chocolate eggs. 
"The real prize is on the bottom of the lid," Mrs. Robertson said.
I looked under the lid and read aloud, "Congratulations! You have just won a free charm!"
I smiled. "Yay!"
"Yep, so you can pick one of the ones I have here or order one if you don't want any of the ones I have," Mrs. Robertson explained.
"Ok," I said.
"Now I believe you have a little speech about the catalogs?" Vanessa asked.
"Yep. Alright, so the catalog has an order which makes no sense to me," Mrs. Robertson started off. "It says charms, lockets, chains, plates, dangles, but I would think you would want to pick out your locket, then chain, then charms, plates, and dangles. So, with the lockets, you can decide among many different choices, including black, rose gold, gold, silver, and chocolate brown. Then the different sizes, and with rhinestones or not. Your chain comes in the same colors depending on which kind of chain. There's different lengths, too, and I have all of them up here so you can see where it lies length wise. One thing to remember is I don't have every single color, so you'll have to only use the ones I have. Then with the charms, there's a huge variety. With the plates, I personally like the plate look better, and some of you probably prefer your locker clear. But they all have different little words on them, like the one I have says "love life." The dangles are just little gems or jewels that hang down from the chain, like a little pop of color. The tagged line is pretty simple, there's initials, words or sayings you can get, and decorated little things that hang off. Well, you guys can look at the jewelry I have, or the catalog, it's up to you. Enjoy!"
We mulled around looking at all the different jewelry. I sat down and looked at the catalog, making up my mind. I chose a pendant that says "be" and a tag that says "fearless." I also got another earth element, this one was my birth stone, clear quartz for April. If you're thinking, "Wow, you only turned 17 two months ago?" Then yeah, you're right. I also got another tag where on the front it said, "Fear Not" with a butterfly. On the back it said "Without change there would be no butterflies." I couldn't wait for it to come in! 
At 9:30, everyone started to leave. I got home and crashed, but not before I noticed my phone had a text. It was Derek.

                                          Hey, so we're on for
                                          tomorrow at11:30

                                          Ok, great.


Then, after smiling like an idiot to myself, I fell asleep.

A/N: Sorry for the short/possibly non-interesting chapter, the next one will be a TON more interesting xD.

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