I`m In Lovve with Justin Bieber?!

Justin BIeber
Ashley Booker
Megan Stewart
Robin Verrecas


7. chapter 6

Well, since I don`t have anyone that I can talk to about my date with Justin, I decided to take a shower, I heard a bump coming from downstairs, I hurried out the shower, and dried off, thinking I might be hearing things. I started to put on my hello kitty shirt, and some pajama shorts with hearts all over them. I hear the bump again. I get scared and grab my taser since I can`t find my gun right now, I slowly walk downstairs, and see someone walking in the dark in my living room, so I quickly ran up to him, jumped on his back and tased him, when I turned on the lights, I found myself looking at Robin lying on the floor, groaning. How the hell did he get in here?! I grabbed him by his shirt, and held him against the wall

Ashley: Why the hell are you in here, and how did you get in here?

Robin: I uhh...wanted to see you, to apologize about everything in the past, and your door was unlocked.

Ashley: (sighs) The past is the past, why bring it up?

Robin: I saw the look in your eyes, when you saw me...and Megan.

Ashley: Megan...she sent you here didn`t she? Was she the bitch you cheated me on with?!

Robin: My answer to both questions is....yes. I`m sorry.

Ashley: (tries to hold back her tears) Why did she send you here?

Robin: To apologize how she stabbed you in the back.

Ashley: The back is no problem...but my heart is. Get out.

Robin: But-

Ashley: GET OUT!!

Robin: (leaves)

 I went to my bedroom and cried, knowing that Megan was the girl Robin cheated on me with. Justin called my phone, I quickly answered, after hearing his sweet voice, I broke down in more tears.

Justin: Ash, what`s wrong?

Ashley: Robin, he-and Megan, she-

Justin: OK, calm down, I`ll be over in a little bit, hold tight.

Ashley: OK.

After our conversation, I stopped crying for a little bit, an hour later I hear the door bell ring, I ran downstairs, Justin had chocolate, tissues, and an extra blanket. I broke down and cried again, and ran into Justin`s arms, we walked into the living room, still hugging, he dropped everything on the couch, and held me tighter, and whispered, "I`m sorry.", we sat down, ate the chocolate together, wiped my tears in some tissues, and talked for a while.

Ashley: What`s the blanket for?

Justin: Well, it`s 1:00 a.m. there`s no point of me going home now, I should probably stay, and sleep on the couch, is that fine with you?

Ashley: Staying? Yes. Sleeping on the couch? No.

Justin: Where else am I going to sleep?

Ashley: I have an extra room.

Justin: OK. (smiles)



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