I`m In Lovve with Justin Bieber?!

Justin BIeber
Ashley Booker
Megan Stewart
Robin Verrecas


6. chapter 5

The car ride was quiet and awkward, I stopped crying after a while, I can`t believe Meagan would date him, especially after he hurt me, she will probably come crying to me in 6 months. Justin stopped in the middle of no where, but I didn`t really care, I know I`ll be safe with Justin, plus, there`s a beautiful sunset. I kept my head, looking at the rips in my jeans, Justin lifted my head with his index finger, our eyes met, he wiped the last tear off my face.

Justin: Don`t cry. It`s not worth it.

Ashley: It`s just that-

Justin: He hurt you, I know. Just know that I won`t.

Ashley: What`re you talking about?
Justin: I want to make you my girlfriend, what do you say?


I was shocked, it`s been a long time since I`ve been in a relationship. I smile and agree with Justin. We both smile, he cups his hands on my face and gave me a long, meaningful kiss. We watched the sun set together and head home. I thanked Justin for taking me out, he told me to be ready for tomorrow night around 8:00, and that he has something special planned for us, I smiled and nodded.

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