I`m In Lovve with Justin Bieber?!

Justin BIeber
Ashley Booker
Megan Stewart
Robin Verrecas


4. chapter 3

Justin`s Car

Ashley: Answer my question, now.

Justin: I`m being nice to you, because...I like you. I don`t know why, but I do. You seem different from other girls. You`re cute.

Ashley: Oh...thanks? I think.

Justin: Do you have a boyfriend?

Ashley: no.

Justin: Ohh..ok.

Ashley: My house is 2 blocks from here, just keep going straight.

Justin: Would you like to change that?

Ashley: What?

Justin: Would you like to change your relationship status from single to in a relationship?

Ashley: (sighs) I`m not answering that.

Justin: Why not?

Ashley: Because, I`m not.

Justin: OK, well answer this question...do you get lonely at night? Do you need someone in your bed, not only for sex, but to cuddle with? How long have you been single?

Ashley: That`s more than one question.

Justin: Just answer them.

Ashley: Yes, yes, and for almost 2 years, I`ve been single.

Justin: (swerves car a little, shocked) whoa, sorry. 2 years? (parks in ash`s drive in)

Ashley: Yeah.

Justin: That`s terrible. No beautiful girl like you...should be alone for that long. That`s too long. Here`s my number. I`m going to be in town for a little while, I leave in 4 weeks. Call me whenever, I`ll be there for you. (kisses Ashley`s cheek)

Ashley: Umm...ok. (grins) Bye.

Justin: Bye.

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