I`m In Lovve with Justin Bieber?!

Justin BIeber
Ashley Booker
Megan Stewart
Robin Verrecas


3. Chapter 2


( Megan and Ashley walks up to Justin, he hugs Megan first and she starts fangirling hard, he offers Ashley a hug, and rejected at first, but Megan told her to give him a hug, because what she did was rude, so Ashley gave Justin a hug. They take two pictures together. As they were about to leave, Justin smacks Ashley`s butt, she looked at him and said "ew.", then walked away.)

The next day at the concert

Megan: Oh, my, Bieber!! This is so fucking awesome! OLLG is next! I wonder who he will pick this time!!

Ashley: *Playing fruit Ninja on her phone* *Not paying attention*

Megan: Oh, my God! Ashley it`s you! He picked you!

Ashley: What?

Megan: Yeah! Go up there! * pushes Ash on stage*

Ashley: NO! *starts running*

Justin: *grabs Ashley`s arm* *puts crown on her head, gives her roses, sits her on the throne, starts singing OLLG*

Ashley: *whispers* Kill me now.

Megan: You`re so lucky!

After the concert, back stage

Megan: He`s got to be here somewhere.

Ashley: *gives Megan the roses and crown*

Megan: *Sees Justin* OMG THERE HE IS, JUSTIN!!!!

Justin: heyyy, *looks at Ashley*

Megan: We never got to tell you our names, I`m Megan, and this is Ashley. I love you sooo much.

Justin: I love you, too.

Ashley: *walks away* *gets lost*

 OK, so I left to find the restroom, but obviously I got lost, I called Megan and told her what happened, she had told me that she got a little out of uncontrol, and went home, so I was on my own. Someone tapped on my shoulder I quickly grabbed his arm, and flipped him over, then I see that it was Justin, I was still holding his wrist. I quickly let go, and wiped my hands on my pants.

Justin: A little jumpy are ya? *rubs his wrist*

Ashley: Gotta be prepared.

Justin: Well, I can see. You lost?

Ashley: No, I was just walking around, searching for bigfoot. *sarcastic*

Justin: I`m trying to be nice, lighten up. Do you want me to take you home?

Ashley: No, I can catch a taxi.

Justin: Well, let me at least help you get out of here.

Outside of the stadium

Ashley: Well....thank you.

Justin: No problem, are you sure you don`t want me to give you a ride?

Ashley: Yeah, I`m sure.

Justin: Well, ok. Bye. *walks away*


I look in my wallet and notice that I don`t have enough money for a cab, I only have 2 bucks. Damn, why do I have to be so damn stubborn? I started walking, then it started raining. Great. I continued walking, then a car stopped beside me and beeped at me. I turned to look, it was Justin.

Justin: I knew it. Get in.

Ashley: No.

Justin: Why not?

Ashley: Because, I don`t personally know you, how do I know if you`re not a rapist?

Justin: If I was, you would hear it in the media.

Ashley: *sighs* Why are you being so nice to me, and I`ve been stubborn to you?

Justin: Get in, and I`ll tell you.

Ashley: Fine. *gets in car with Justin*




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