I`m In Lovve with Justin Bieber?!

Justin BIeber
Ashley Booker
Megan Stewart
Robin Verrecas


2. Chapter 1

Hi, I`m Ashley, most people call me Ash, I am 18 years old. I have long, dark hair, but I`m planning on dying it blonde with pink streaks, lol. Anyway, my best friend Megan is also 18 years old, she also have long hair, but she dyed her hair red, she`s a HUGE "Belieber", I`m not, I mostly listen to rock music, and dubstep like Skrillex for example. I hate Justin Bieber, I mean don`t get me wrong, he`s a good singer, I just don`t like his music. Respect my opinion.

Ashley`s house

Living Room

(Ashley sits on her couch, watching E! News, Megan runs in jumping in excitement, screaming.)

Ashley: Uhhh? Should I ask?

Megan: I got two tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert, two meet and greet tickets, and two back stage passes!

Ashley: Good for you, who are you taking?

Megan: You, duh, you`re my best friend!

Ashley: I`m honored, really, I am, but...you should take someone else, I don`t like Justin Bieber.

Megan: Please? *Puppy eyes* I wuv you.

Ashley: *giggles* When is it?

Megan: The M&G is tonight at 6:00 until 8:00, and the concert is tomorrow at 6:00 until 9:00!

Ashley: Fine, I`ll go, but if he chooses me as his OLLG you`ve been talking about, I will walk out of the stadium.

Megan: OK, you`re the best! We should get ready.



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