The Dream

This girl that I met at the mall about 3 years ago is now my best friend. We were at the mall when I saw something that could be a dream and not reality. It was ONE DIRECTION!! I could not believe it. I walked past them about 30 times trying to get their attention. After the 34th time that i passed them one of them met eye contact at me, it was the best person in the band. After that i felt like it was love at first site!!<3


5. who is he

Dani P.O.V

I was waiting for someone come and bring me my ID. I was playing on my white, 14in by 1ft Iphone 16GB.  I was playing Campus life my FAVORITE game of all time.  I looked up when the Walmart worker pointed too me.  I was expecting Liam from One Direction, but it was a guy that had dirty blonde, bright eyes kind of like blueish, green and  chiseled features as his face. He was beautiful, but not like Liam or any other ofthe one direction boys.  He walked up too me and said "hi are you Dani Greyson?"  I was so astonished at his beauty i was speechless.   When I finally spit words out I said "Danielle but people call me Dani why?"  He gave me my ID back and he said "here."  "Thanks!" I said.  "whats your name?"  I said to him.  "Connor Franta." He replied "Good to know" I said. He walked off and i went and paid for my things. 


Connor P.O.V

I asked a Walmart worker if she new where Dani is and she pointed to a girl looking straight into my eyes.  She had the eyes I can't forget she was beautiful.  I walked over to her and gave her ID back to her.  I touched her hand it was warm. I could hardly get my words out when I was talking to her.  I walked away and hide on an aisle spying on her making sure she did not get hurt or anything.  I realized that I wanted to protect her for the rest of my life.   While I was watching her I thought of when Liam from One Direction wanted to give her ID back to her.  I kinda felt bad but I was also ready to hit him for likeing her. 


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