The Dream

This girl that I met at the mall about 3 years ago is now my best friend. We were at the mall when I saw something that could be a dream and not reality. It was ONE DIRECTION!! I could not believe it. I walked past them about 30 times trying to get their attention. After the 34th time that i passed them one of them met eye contact at me, it was the best person in the band. After that i felt like it was love at first site!!<3


7. where am I

Kinzie's P.O.V.

I didn't know where I was. I was sure it was safe because I was with Zayn.  We turned into a curve that lead to a huge clean as could be house with the lawn cut beautifully and precise.  I asked where we were and he said "my house".  "This is your house" I replied with a shocked look on my face. He opened the car door for me and helped me out of the car and said "what did you not expect me to bring you too my house it not be a big house, and remember it has too hold my brothers and I".  "oh yeah!" We walked up the white clean stairs outside that leads to his front door.  He opened the door for me and your not going to believe who was already their. 


Dani's P.O.V.

I got into the limousine and the driver wouldn't say a thing to me.  After we drove off from walmart and we were going down an ally that had trees on each side it looked like we were in heaven.  We finally turned into this big white house and that didn't have one stain on it at all. Theirs someone waiting on my, but I don't know who it is?  I'm kinda scared plus the driver didn't even show his face to me so I do not know who the driver is.  Well I went to get out the car and someone was their in front of me when I got out.  I can't believe who was right their I almost DIED!!!!!


Zayn P.O.V.

I drove kinzie down an ally that looked a lot like grace land apparently, but we turned into my house that my brothers and I live in.  I walked her up the white stairs and opened the door for her and she was shocked of who was in the house.  She was not expecting coming to my house much less who was in the house!!!  

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