The Dream

This girl that I met at the mall about 3 years ago is now my best friend. We were at the mall when I saw something that could be a dream and not reality. It was ONE DIRECTION!! I could not believe it. I walked past them about 30 times trying to get their attention. After the 34th time that i passed them one of them met eye contact at me, it was the best person in the band. After that i felt like it was love at first site!!<3


4. Meeting up

Dani's P.O.V

I went to pay for my stuff after the tall guy that looked like Liam left,but I could not find my I.D. in my wallet.  I was freaking out, but did I not know that it fell out my wallet or purse.  I told the cashier that I lost it and she asked me "where did you use it last?"  I said "Wendy's!" with a confused voice of what she was about to do.  She then picked up the phone at the register and spoke into it.  Five minutes after she got on the phone, she hung up then looked at me and said "We just called Wendy's and they said that Liam from One Direction tured it in."  I looked astonished when she told me that Liam just turned it!!!!!  "Well do I go and get it or is someone going to bring it to me, because I don't want to leave this stuff here and people take my stuff?"  I said looking concerned.  She laughed at me and then she said "Someone is bringing it too you!"  Five minutes later a worker at walmart pointed to me.  I was expecting Liam to bring me my I.D. but It was not Liam.  Who was it????

Liams P.O.V.

The girl at Wendy's was not the girl who attacked me, but when I walk out of Wendy's and look down and see an I.D. for a Dani Greyson.  I go to turn it in when this stranger that  takes it and tells the manager he is going to give it too Dani. When I went to say something he was already across the street headed to walmart.  Before that happened the loud ringing of the phone at Wendy's went off.  It was Walmart and they are asking if Dani's I.D. is here.  Now I know her name and what to call her besides the crazy girl that attacked me.

strangers P.O.V. 

I was at Wendy's and I am sitting behind Liam Payne from One Direction.  I go over to him while he is holding an I.D.  Walmart called and asked if the I.D. was their.  I saw the picture and she is really cute. I thought about it if I should go and take it to her or not.   I don't know but I guess you will find out. 


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