The Dream

This girl that I met at the mall about 3 years ago is now my best friend. We were at the mall when I saw something that could be a dream and not reality. It was ONE DIRECTION!! I could not believe it. I walked past them about 30 times trying to get their attention. After the 34th time that i passed them one of them met eye contact at me, it was the best person in the band. After that i felt like it was love at first site!!<3


1. meeting him

kinzie P.O.V.

I never thought that I could meet, see, or even hear a famous person.  I always thought I could dream that but never have it happen in reality until June 13th when I was at the mall with my best friend Dani on my birthday.  She looked exactly like me.  She is the most extreme 1D fan ever! We saw one direction at the mall unawere that they were their.  She screamed and ran up to them and attacked Liam.   The security came and threw her out the mall.

Liam P.O.V.

I was at an autograph signing and I looked and these two girls that looked just alike walked out of American Eagle, but I could tell that they where different.   They looked like they had no concern for us or they did not know we were their.  The smaller one of the twins looks up straight into my eyes and screams and runs to me and attackes me.  Her eyes had a little of sparkle in them and their is something in me that wants to get to know her, but when I look up after they take the small girl away in pink atlethic shorts and a dance shirt. The other twin was astonished of what she just did. When I think back to starring into the smaller twins eyes I remember liking it, and her smile loving it. 

Dani P.O.V

Walking out of American Eagle was quite a struggle.  I am quite small for my age, my legs are the length of me being at five foot nine inches and already being twenty.  I remember flipping my hair out of my face, and catching the eyes of my favorite band member from One Direction.  "WAIT!!!!!!! DID I JUST SAY WHAT I THINK I JUST SAID" I said,  "yes you did" kinzie said beside me. When Liams eyes met mine my heart started to race in an unfamiliar way. less than five seconds starring into his eyes I had already dodged him and got thrown out of the mall.  I had wondered what kinzie thought and was doing. 

Kinzie P.O.V

I cant believe what I just saw her do, but when I look up Zayn was making eye contact with me. We just both smiled at each other. Then I walked away into areapostale.  When I walked in all I heard was Harry Styles voice.  I turned and he was talking to me.  He said "I saw you looking at zayn".  He looked mad or like he was going to beat me up for looking at zayn.  Why would he say that to me when their would be like two hundred girls starring at him.  "Yes why"? I said.  He said "Because he said he thought you were cute".  "oh well tell him I said thanks"!!!I said.  Then he walks away and I think OMG I can't believe that Zayn Malik thinks I'M cute!! 

Zayn P.O.V

I was at an autograpgh signing with the band, and out of the blue the small girl attacked Liam.  For a little girl she sure is strong.  When I look up I see the other girl that was with her.  She looked puzzled and surprised at what that girl just did.  She was the girl that was hanging out with that girl. They looked the exact same but they were different.  I whispered to Harry to look over at her and I said "Hey Harry that girls friend that just attacked Liam is cute".  After I said that it's like she knew I was talking about her because right when I told Harry she looked up at me straight into my eyes.  We both smiled at each other and then she walked away.   After she walked away I could just remember the sparkle in her eyes.  She never left out of my head.



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