The Dream

This girl that I met at the mall about 3 years ago is now my best friend. We were at the mall when I saw something that could be a dream and not reality. It was ONE DIRECTION!! I could not believe it. I walked past them about 30 times trying to get their attention. After the 34th time that i passed them one of them met eye contact at me, it was the best person in the band. After that i felt like it was love at first site!!<3


2. getting to know him

Liam's P.O.V

I had wondered where that small, but freakeshly strong girl that attacked me went after she had got thrown out of the mall.  Did she get back in to the mall without the security catching her or seeing her?  Did that girl that looked just like her know what happened to her or did she sneak her back in?  With any other fan I would not be like this, but something was different about this fan.  Yes, she was crazy, but a kind of good crazy.  "Thats why I want to get to know her" I said.  I did not realize that I said that out loud until Harry says "THAT GIRL WHO ATTACKED YOU?"  "No another girl Harry." I said.  I can't believe he heard that and just screamed that. After that everyone lookes at me so I had to take a ten minute break away.  While I was on the ten minute break  I spotted someone in the window.  I wonder who?

Kinzie P.O.V

After Harry told me that I was so shocked!  I never thought of meeting Harry or zayn or any famous person for that fact.  When I walked out of aeropostale I was looking at my phone when I ran into this person. All of my t-shirts fell out of the bags and my sparkly silver bobs fell out too! When I went to pick all my stuff up I looked up into the mans eyes, but I had seen those eyes before I just don't know where? I heard someone with the same voice as Zayn Malik say "I am so sorry here let me help!" "Zayn?" I said with a soft voice where no one could hear except me and Zayn.  "Yea your the girl that was with the girl who attacked Liam." He said.  "Yea sorry about that!"I said apologizing for Dani's mental state about the band.  He said "Its okay!" while he was helping me up from the white, slippery mall floor!  Minutes after we just hung out!

Zayn P.O.V

I was looking for that girl that was with the girl that attacked Liam.  I could not find her until I wasn't looking when I ran into this girl with Victoria Secret, Aeropostale, and American Eagle bags in her hand.  I looked into her eyes and I would remember those eyes anywhere!  I said "I am so sorry here let my help!" She acted as if I were a normal person.  That is how I want all my fans to treat me.  I was in a costume so no fans could recognize me, but I knew that she did by the look in her eyes. After I helped her up off the nasty mall floor we went to hang out somewhere and after that it was like I had the love feeling in me that I never felt before!

Dani P.O.V

Yes, I am crazy and no one knows whats wrong with me!  I saw the sparkle in Liam's eye's when I attacked him.  I got thrown out of the mall for doing that.  Like really why would he do that to ME!!  I LOVE LIAM PAYNE!!!!  I knew that if I could sneak back into the mall I would do the same thing again, so I went to Wendy's to eat then go to walmart!!  My phone died so if anyone would like to get a hold of me through the phone they would not be able too!  I would really like to know what happened to Kinzie.  Did she get thrown out too because she was with me or did she talk to the band to apologize for my behavior.  Pshy I can't help that I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!! So lets see what happens next for me because with me their is no telling!!





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