Dressing up One Direction: Book One Niall

Dressing up Niall Horan


1. Dressing up Niall Horan


Hey I'm Lizzie I live with 5 guys. Well One Direction to be exact. I can't hang out with girls cause they'll get jealous and I'll get mobbed. I'm so bored and I don't have any girls to practice my fashion designing on. What should I do? I think I have a idea. 

I walk downstairs to see the guys watching toy story 3. 

"Okay enough of this" I say clicking off the TV. 

"Hey we we're at the part where mr. Potato head turned into a cucumber"Liam whines. 

"Too bad! Makeup time!" I yell. All the boys stare at me with wide eyes.   "Hmm who to pick first" I walk around looking at all the boys each. "Eeny" I say pointing at Louis. "Meeny" I say pointing at Harry. "Miny"I say pointing at Zayn. "Moe" my finger landed on Niall. 

"Why me?" Niall said groaning and getting up. 

"Cause you're my little leprechaun. Now lets go" I say pulling Niall upstairs.

Once we got upstairs I sat Niall down." Okay I'm going to go for the girl look on you"I say getting my supplies out. 

"Why do I have to be the girl"Niall whines standing up. 

"Cause you look great as a girl now sit still" I say pushing him down on the seat. 

I got one of my blond wigs and put it on Niall. 

"Don't worry Hun this is going to look great" I say putting bobby pins in it. 

I dyed the roots of the wig brown. Then I looked at my nail polish. 

"Niall what's your fav color" I say with innocent eyes. 

"Oh no you will not paint my nails" Niall says starting to stand up again. 

"Niall James Horan  you will sit your butt back down in that seat or I will tie you down" I say with my teeth together. 

Niall sat down slowly. "Umm.... My favorite color is..... Green?"
"Okay green it is" I say grabbing the green nail polish from my box. 

"Niall hold your hand out" I say opening the nail polish. He put his hand out and closed his eyes. 

"You know what I'll put on some music" I say walking to my phone. I turned on I heart radio and feel this moment by pitbull came on. 

"Omg I love this song and this is my fav part" I squeal and start dancing and singing while painting Niall's nails. 


One day when the light is glowing
I'll be in my castle golden
But until the gates are open 
I just wanna feel this moment
I just wanna feel this moment 
I just wanna feel this moment

By the end of the song Niall's nails were painted and dried. Now time for the eye makeup. I turned around looking at Niall with his eyes closed. Wait was he asleep. 

"NIALL FREAKING HORAN WAKE UP!" I scream in his ear. He jumps a foot off his chair. 

"I'm up. I'm up. Can you just hurry up and finish" he says rubbing his eyes.
"fine just close your eyes" I grabbed my sparkly eye shadow and started applying it to his eyes. 

Once I finished he had sparkly purple eye shadow on his eyelids. That really brought the blue out in his eyes. I also put a heavy layer of mascara. I put Nicki Minaj pink lip gloss on him. 

"now for the outfit."I say walking to my closet. I turned around and looked at Niall. He was staring at me with his huge makeup eyes. " Don't worry babe I won't make you wear a dress" I say winking. 

I looked in my closet I decided he could wear something from juicy couture. I pulled out my yellow tank and black velour dolphin shorts. 

"here" I say handing him the clothes " go change" he looked at me with a pained expression then headed into the bathroom. 

I turned up the music. Just give me reason by P!nk was on. I started singing:
Just give me a reason 
Just a little bit's enough
Just a second we're not broken
Just bent
And we can learn to love again

Its in the stars 
It's been written in the scars on 
Our hearts 
That we're not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

Niall came out of the bathroom fully dressed.  

"see Niall you look hawt" I say clapping

"whatever" he said rolling his eyes.  

"now time to show the guys" I said pulling Niall towards the door

"noooooo way I'm not going out there" Niall says ripping his arm away. 

"Oh yes you are" I say pulling him down the stairs. 

When we got downstairs all the guys started laughing. 

"Niall... Oh..... My ... My.... Gosh" Louis says between Laughs. 

"oh be quiet Louis you might be next" I say. That shut them up really fast. 

          THE END

Have a sparkle party
For realz guys comment and tell me who you Want me to do next.Okay so thanks comment. Bye


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