Why Do We Play These Games


2. You're Gonna Be Popular

Soon enough we had gotten through most of our classes and Keely and I met up for lunch. The weather was so much nicer than it was in Ohio. Ohio's weather is completely unpredictable. We left when it was raining and storm was all around. While here it is hot and sunny. We walked outside and laid on the grass talking about our day. I told her about the note in English. 

"Good thing we are outside so the creep won't see you." she said almost choking from laughter.

She told me about what a drag it was going in mid school year. And then we started talking about Liam. We ate pretty quickly and just hung out. I saw this girl coming our way with a strange look on our face like we had done something wrong. She came over and crouched down next to us.

"May we help you?" Keely asked confused.

"No, I just came to warn you. See those five guys?" The girl said pointing at Liam and his friends. 

"Yeah..?" I said also very confused.

"Well you are a part of their very famous game. You two are new right? Which probably means you don't know about the game." She said as she sat down next to me on the grass. And continued talking.

"Well those are the most popular guys in school." she said rolling her eyes "They can basically get any girl the desire, I mean look at them they are all gorgeous. But that's not the point... They have this game that goes on once they choose their target. The game is to see who can get the girl. By get the girl they mean date her and get in her pants. Thought I would let you both know. Because they won me two years ago. So please be careful." she said with a caring look and she walked away without another word.

"I guess Liam isn't as innocent as you thought." Keely laughed. I didn't think it was funny. I actually did like him. But I was right... just another pig and player...

"Speak of the devil." she said under her breathe as Liam walked over to us. 

"Hey Whit, he Keely!" He smiled. 

"Wanna hang out with us?" He said looking like he genuinely wanted to hang out.

"No I think we are fine where we are." Keely said.

  "Fine then we will come to you." He laughed and went to go get his friends. I look at Keely giving her my face that said what do we do? 

"Lets tease them a bit and have fun with this game thing." she whispered as the boys walked over.

"Okay let me introduce everybody. Keely Whit this is Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Louis." 

Dang why did they all have to be so damn attractive...

"Aren't you the guy that sent me that note in class?" I asked smiling shyly at Harry.

"Yes, glad you enjoyed it." he gave a cheeky smile and his dimples showed heavily.

"Never said I did. So lets cut to the chase, what is this game that apparently we are apart of?" I said as Keely gave me a what the hell are you doing look.

"Oh, you heard?" Louis said glumly.

"The rumors about our game are only partially true." Liam said with a crooked smile.

"What is true about it?" Keely asked

"Guess you will have to find out beautiful." Zayn said to her as she rolled her eyes.

"Don't worry, It always ends up being fun. We aren't bad people." Said the innocent blonde one by the name of Niall.

"Why us?" I asked.

"Because you two are the people we chose." Louis said winking at me.

"So what do you all seven of us go out tonight? Just to hang out no strings attached." Harry said 

"I guess that would be okay..." I said looking for Keely's approval.

"Yeah sure." She said. 

"Can I have your guys numbers?" Liam said smiling shamelessly.

Then we exchanged numbers with all of them.

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