Why Do We Play These Games


3. Tonight

Well tonight I apparently am going to hang out with the popular guys at school... weird. I was over at Keely's house getting ready.

"Tonight is going to be awesome!" She said excited as we raided her closet.

"Awesome isn't the word that comes to mind." I said picking out skinny jeans and a T-Shirt.

"What are you doing? You can't wear that! We have to be a tease. It will be fun. Here wear this." She said handing me a mini skirt and a white shirt with black lace covering it. I didn't mind the outfit it was actually pretty cute. I don't get how that would tease them though.

"Try it on in the bathroom and I will change into this" she said pulling out a red dress with random slits on the shoulders. I walked into her bathroom and put on the cloths. I zipped up everything and turned to look in the mirror only to notice the cleavage was a bit much for me. It didn't help that the shirt was a bit see through so my bright red bra showed through roughly. I walked out of the bathroom to present my self to her.

"No way in hell am I wearing this! I look so slutty. How do you even own cloths like this?" I yelled at her

"I have cloths for every occasion." she smiled. 

"Well I am going to take this off..." I said walked back to the bathroom.

"Oh your no fun. You always are like this when I wanna mess with people." She winked.

"Ugh fine I will wear it. But only tonight am I giving in to your devious plans Keely." I replied then grabbing a coat to cover myself up.

"That's cheating you can't cover up. Besides its hot out." she said as I rolled my eyes ignoring her. I heard my phone buzz and I looked at it. The text said it was from Louis. 

Hey beautiful, we are heading over right now. But we need your address. xx ;)  

I replied saying Keely's address. 

"Hey they are on their way. Almost ready Keels?" I asked as I fixed my hair and makeup in her door mirror. 

"Yeah just about." she started putting on black tights. and slipped on her classic heels.

I put some sneakers on.

"Oh that goes great with your outfit Whitney." She laughed at me.

I heard a car honking. 

"That must be them." She said with excitement.

We walked down stair and her mom looked at her and said "Where do you think you are going?"

Keely apparently didn't tell her mom... big surprise. 

"Oh, well we actually made some friends and they invited us to hang out with them. Love you bye mom." she said grabbing my wrist and running out the door in her heels as I yelled bye Mrs. Simpson.

She closed the door and she saw Louis jet black car. All of their jaws dropped as they saw Keely's stunning dress.

"You girls look great." Niall said with a cute little smile.

"Thanks." Keely said as i remained silent. I just want to get this night over with.

I sat down in the car right in between Liam and Zayn. Keely sat up front with Louis.

"Hey, how are you this fine night?" Liam asked giving me his innocent smile. I was really pissed at him. He was obviously just playing me so he could win his stupid game. I hated that...

"Fine I guess. Where are we going?" I asked trying to get in a comfortable position it was a tight squeeze between the two boys. 

"Some where fun." Zayn said then putting his hand on my thigh. I thought about moving his hand but I didn't want to make things awkward so I just left it there. 

"You will have fun. I love this place and i know you will too." Niall said turning around looking back at me.

"Zayn get your hand off of her. Its not the time to be making your move you creep." Niall said. Thank the lord he said that too. So far I am liking Niall. But i am not going to let my guard down.

We all talked for a while and I actually started having fun.

"We are here!" Louis yelled.

I looked over at where we were... My eyes widened at the sight. I just couldn't believe that is where they were taking us!?!?

Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and I all got in line for the biggest roller coaster in the park "Rampage"

I am not going to lie I was a little scared.

"So lets figure out seating arrangements." Liam said weakly.

"Well, I say we let Whit choose who to sit with considering she is the only girl here." Niall squeaked.

"Well babe?" Louis smiled.

If I choose Zayn he will just use it as a chance to make some sort of romantic gesture. If I choose Niall he will think its because I like him... No way in hell am i choosing Louis. I guess that leaves me with Liam... but I am still so mad at him. I lose track of my thoughts as I look at all of them staring at me nervously.

"I guess I will sit with Liam." I said and a huge grin appeared on his face.

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