Why Do We Play These Games


1. Let The Games Begin

Junior year of high school. Keely and I had just moved two weeks ago. I already missed Ohio 

"WHITNEY! GET UP!" Said a loud voice coming from down stairs. I got up and checked the time on my phone while trying to gain my vision. 6:00am. Why so early...

Someone knocked on my door.

"Come in..." I said still trying to wake up.

"Come on! Get ready!!! First day of school." I looked over to see my best friend Keely standing there with a huge grin on. 

"What? Are you excited to go?" I whispered as fell back into my bed.

"No of course not. But we have to walk there so you better get your lazy bum out there." she winked.

I got into the shower as she picked out some cloths for me. We were pretty used to doing this for each other. Keely and I were basically sisters. I finished getting dressed and we got our backpacks together. We walked out side and held each others hands as we predicted what the school was going to be like. 

"Do you think there will be any cute guys in this city?" Keely asked.

"Most defiantly but they will just end up being pigs and players like in Ohio." She laughed. I was being serious she must of thought it was a joke. Even if there were nice guys at the school Keely would get them in a second. She is so beautiful. She had gorgeous blonde hair and bubbly personality. You were insane if you didn't fall for her right away if ever. From my experience blondes are more loved and adored by boys then brunettes. I did get guys back in Ohio don't get me wrong. But Keely was always just more popular than me. She had a very dominant personality. I am meek and shy, while she is outgoing and a social butterfly.

"Well we are here." I said grasping her hand again, nervously. 

"That we are darling, don't worry we will make friends. And even if we don't we have each other." She gave me a smile and her trusting eyes twinkled in the sunlight showing off the green in it. I gave her a crooked smile as we walked up the schools stairs. It was huge. I had never seen a bigger school in my life. It was really old it almost looked like a mansion or a castle. The school was enchantingly gorgeous. I walked in and let go of her hand. We went to the principals office to get set up with our class schedules. What a perfect time to move.... in the middle of the school year.... 

"I will assign a student to show you around and help you both to your classes." he said whilst grabbing the schools microphone.

"Liam Payne to my office please." he turned the mic off "just a moment ladies."

We waited for this Liam guy to show up. Ten minutes later and he walked through the door. He was completely and utterly adorable. I couldn't stop staring at his gorgeous face. 

"This Whitney Candalia and Keely Simpson. They are new students and need a guide." He said presenting us to the beautiful boy.

"Oh? Well its nice to meet you both. I am Liam Payne. Let me see your schedules and we can get started." He shot us his again beautiful smile. we got up out of our seats and followed him outside. He took a look at our schedules and laughed.

"Poor Keely you have Mr. Pericon for English." He said giggling.

"Oh cool, we have math together Whit, I can call you Whit right?" Oh my gosh he just nick named me!!!

"Yeah its fine. I guess I have to show Keely to her class first because ours is together. After class meet me over by the flag pole and I will help you find your next class okay? " He said with his adorable smile. We nodded our heads in silence as he walked Keely and I to her class. 

"Okay here we are, good luck he is a pretty rough teacher. He will probably end up making you take a test on something you haven't even studied. You will be in my prayers." He joked.

We walked down the hall.

"Sorry Its a bit of a long walk. Our class is two stories up." We started walking up the long spiral stair case.

"So where are you guys from?" he said trying to get some small talk in.

"No where exciting...just Ohio." I made him laugh.

"Ohio is cool. I swear!" Liam said.

"Yeah sure." I winked.

"You have to be careful here Whit."

"Why...?" What did he mean I have to be careful.

"Well don't think i am a total creep for saying this but... You are a total hottie. There are some serious players here. I should know most of them are sadly my best friends." He just said i was hot!

"Um, thanks I think." I gave him a half smile as he blushed.

"Sorry, just warning you. Having good looks in this school can be a dangerous thing." we laughed and got to our class room. 

I walked in and sat down at the first seat I saw. Liam sat right beside me. I am not going to lie I am totally into him so far. But if I learned anything...Keely is going to take him from me. She doesn't try to. It just happens. I got a tap on my shoulder and someone handed me a note. I opened it up and it had said.


I couldn't tell who it was from. I wrote back yes. Feeling a little creeped out. Liam looked over at me and mouthed "Told You" 

I got the note back that said.

Perfect. See you at lunch babe.

I threw the note onto the ground and rolled my eyes. Liam pulled it over with his foot and picked it up. He read the notes on it and smiled. 

"That's my friend Harry's hand writing for sure." Liam whispered.

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