Distance Can't Change Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sequel to Coincidental Meeting :) - You don't have to read the first one but it is suggested!
See what happens when Maria and Louis are miles apart. Louis is off on tour and Maria is at college studying. Will their relationship last? Read to find out.


19. My Birthday Part 3

Finally at 5:21 we managed to get into the parking lot of the hotel that we would call home for the night.

I slung the strap of my bag over my shoulder quickly, just wanting to get inside the hotel and relax even if only for a couple of minutes.

Brianna, Emily and Anna all followed behind me as we walked through the all glass, double doors in the front entrance of the hotel. The hotel lobby was filled will girls talking louder than need be and screaming every once in awhile.

Sighing we pushed our way to the front desk that was occupied by two middle-aged women who seemed more than just displeased by the events occurring in their lobby at this exact moment.

“I have a reservation,” I said once one of the women looked up at me.

“Under what name,” she rolled her eyes at me.

Now, normally I do find the whole eye rolling thing to be completely disrespectful. And despite the fact that her eye rolling was completely out of line because I had done nothing wrong to her aside from telling her about my reservation I still decided to try and control my anger.

“Flores,” I huffed, “Maria Flores.”

She clicked around on the computer for a moment and then there was a bad sounding beep.

“I’m sorry miss,” she looked at me with a slight hint of a smirk. “You were to check in by four p.m. today or else we have the ability to release your room to someone else. And it is now 5:27 p.m and the room is gone.”

“What?” I nearly screamed as I could feel the disappointed looks from Brianna, Emily and Anna behind me. “No. I was told that we had to be here by 6 p.m.”

I dropped my bag and started looking for the print out that I probably had forgotten.

“I’m sorry miss. There is a concert in town tonight so we are pretty booked up. We have only one room left.”

“OK then, how many beds?” Emily asked while I was still searching for a stupid piece of paper.

“One bed,” she clicked on the computer a little more. “And the price is $175 for the night.”

“Are you insane?” I shot back up to the counter. “$175 for the night, for a one bed room?”

“I’m sorry. Considering it is our last room available that is the lowest price that we can offer it to you for.”

“We are fine, we will go elsewhere,” I rolled my eyes at the annoying woman who just turned my night into something horrible.

Jerking my bag off of the floor and exiting the hotel in only half the time it would take a normal person I could hear the other girls calling from behind me.

“We can split the room cost Maria,” Brianna said.

“It could be the only available room in town,” Anna mentioned.

“Or the cheapest we can get,” Emily jumped in.

“No. It’s fine. We will drive back tonight if we have to.”

We all climbed back into the car and I knew that everyone was on edge now. I sat in the driver’s seat trying to think of the most logical step to take from this point.

“Also,” I heard Brianna pipe from the back seat. “You have to call Louis now. I hate to be the one to have to bring it up.”

“Right,” I said grinding my teeth together knowing that this one was going to be pretty hard to explain.

I just stared at my phone not wanting to actually call him and explain to him what just happened. Mainly, the reason was that I didn’t want to sound like an idiot because it was my responsibility to get us here on time.

Finally, after a lengthy amount of time of us sitting in silence I picked up my phone and dialed the number I had memorized.





“Hello love,” I heard his soft voice call. “The driver should already be at the hotel. I went ahead and sent him over.”

“Yeah, well we have a small,” my voice kind of trailed off to think of the right word to use for this situation, “again, small situation.”

“What happened?”

“Apparently,” I dramaticized the word to make a point, “we were suppose to be at the hotel by four not six. So we don’t have a room. And that means we are going to have to leave right after the concert and before you put on that disappointing voice, trust me this is not what I wanted to happen either.”

“Why would you have to leave right after the concert?”

“Because I’m not going to make the girls wait in the car while I spend time with you. That’s not right,” I said, knowing that this was truly going to upset him.

“Rubbish,” he called through the phone. “One moment.”

The only thing I could hear was him talking to the rest of the guys in the background. I couldn’t really make out any of what they were saying but it sounded like a serious discussion.

“So,” Anna and Brianna called from the back seat while Emily turned to look at me.

“He put me on hold,” I muttered while I put the phone on speaker. “Start decoding.”

We all listened and none of us could really make out the discussion. The conversation seemed to take a turn when I could very distinctly make out Niall yelling yeah.

“Okay love, you still there?” his soft voice flowed through the phone.


“Okay. So the lads have decided that the girls can stay in the hotel with them, but no funny business you know. We do have a reputation to uphold and whatnot, well except Harry.”

I laughed and so did the rest of the girls and we could hear the other boys laughing in the background. We assumed Harry was laughing too because Louis then continued with what he was saying.

“So then we can still have the night, for the most part, I planned out for us,” I could hear him start smiling, “well, only if that is what you would like to do?”

“I’d love to Louis,” I said taking the phone off of speaker now and making the conversation just us as much as I could.

“Alright love. We finished soundcheck already but you all can either go get dinner or head on over and meet us backstage,” he said before moving the phone away and speaking inaudibly.

“Do you guys want to head over there now and hang out backstage or go get dinner?” I asked everyone.

Emily, Brianna and Anna all exchanged looked then nodded.

“Backstage, duh!” Brianna yelled for the three of them.






It's been way too long since I have updated this everyone! And for this I want to apologize. Well, I hope that you still want to read it. If not, you know that's cool too. I hope to have the final part of My Birthday up in the next week but I'm not going to promise anything because you know how I am. Sometimes I slump with my writing but for all of you who stick around, 


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