Distance Can't Change Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sequel to Coincidental Meeting :) - You don't have to read the first one but it is suggested!
See what happens when Maria and Louis are miles apart. Louis is off on tour and Maria is at college studying. Will their relationship last? Read to find out.


18. My Birthday Part 2

The drive from my school to the arena is three hours and thirty-nine minutes away from each other. That equals a total mileage of two hundred and thirty-nine miles. Now, the mileage won’t change unless there is a complete, unexpected detour but the timing could take up to five hours due to traffic. That is completely uncontrollable.

So we all decided that it would be best to leave school at 11:30 to give us some extra time to stop if we needed it.

Luckily, for Emily, Brianna and I we managed to convince our lab instructor to let us make up the Thursday afternoon since we wouldn't be able to get back in time. She did not know all of the details but you know we didn't feel obliged to tell her that we were skipping lab for a concert. And Anna was using an absence on her morning class for Thursday.

We had got us a hotel room for the night considering I would only have a few hours to spend with Louis after the show and then it was back to reality of spending time at school earning a lovely degree. Well, a few hours would be better than nothing.

“Everyone ready?” I called to them as they waited for me to check everything under the hood of the car before the long journey. 

There was a collective scream from them as they all climbed into the car. Emily rode shotgun while Brianna and Anna claimed the back seat. I was just about to reverse out of the parking space when there was a knock on my window. 

There stood Reid and honestly I didn't want to see him or talk to him for any matter but I figured it would be best if I just got this over with. Slowly, I rolled the window down and the silence in the car was growing unbearable. 

"You guys can breathe," I rolled my eyes and turned toward Reid. "May I help you?"

"Don't I usually ask that when you are in the vehicle?" he smiled a warm smile.

"What do you want? Seriously."

"I just wanted to tell you happy birthday," he looked toward his left and away from eye contact range. 

"Well you said it," I started rolling the window back up. 

"Wait," he stammered as I nearly placed his fingers between the window and the lining. "This too. Read it later. Alone, preferably."

A small envelope slipped threw and I grabbed it stuffing it into the glove compartment. 

"Ugh!" I yelled throwing the car into reverse and speeding away because I did not feel like dealing with it.

"Don't you want to read it?" Brianna asked. 

Breathing deeply I couldn't really answer her. We were already on the interstate heading toward our destination. I was hoping to avoid the whole fiasco on the drive up there. 

"Sure," I reached into the glove compartment and threw the letter onto the back seat. "Read it to me?" My eyes said everything about my obvious annoyance right now to Brianna in the mirror. 

"I think you should read it and tell him to stop trying," Brianna said slowly opening the envelope. 

"Didn't he say to read it in private?" Anna asked as Brianna began to unfold the piece of paper. 

"Just read it Brianna. I could care less what it says," I sped up passing a slower moving vehicle. 

The speed limit was seventy miles per hour but I was going almost eighty. The faster I went the safer I felt. The closer I would be to Louis. The farther away I would be away from drama. 

Happy Birthday Maria. 

I am starting to understand a little more why you dislike me so much. I guess it really has nothing to do with me rather than who I am not. I guess that I will never be any match for your current boyfriend. 

I just have to say it. I am falling for you whether you feel the same way or not. 

And once you decide that you want a real relationship instead of a relationship that the only way he sees you on your birthday is you driving a ridiculous amount to share the time with thousands of other screaming fans then you know where to find me. 


The car fell silent as I believe everyone was afraid to say something in regards to what Brianna just read. Nobody could think of anything to say anyway. What exactly do you say to that nonsense? 

"Rip it up," I ordered as I passed yet another car on the interstate. "Please."

"But," Brianna muttered folding the paper back up.

"I'm not trying to be mean, but I don't want it. Rip it up," I continued to drive. 


We listened to music, sang and dance the entire time up the venue. We luckily didn't hit traffic until we got closer to the city when the venue was located. 

It was close 4:00 and the hotel we were going to stay in tonight was five miles up the road from where we were now but the traffic was at a stand still. 

"Five miles," I whined. "I just want five miles."

"If only we could walk the rest of the way," Anna joked. 

"I'm tempted," Brianna replied, leaning up to see just how far the traffic was stuck up there. 

"Well, let's listen to the radio since we've gone through all the CD's," Emily suggested playing around with the stereo until she found a radio station that didn't have a lot of static. 

With One Direction in the city the afternoon commute is even worse! All the crazy Directioners have stopped traffic along many different roads. 

The announcer continued to list out different streets that had been closed or delayed due to the fans. 

"Well looks like this is going to take awhile," I huffed. 

The only problem was we had to check in-to the hotel by six p.m. or they would give our room away and I was sure that someone would probably be looking for a room tonight. The doors opened for the show at seven and it began at eight. 

My phone started buzzing and Emily grabbed it because even if we were stuck in traffic not moving I was not allowed to use my phone and drive. 

She swiped it so I knew it was a phone call and probably Louis. 

"Hello Louis," she looked over at me and smiled. "Hang on, I'm going to put you on speaker so you can talk to her."

"Okay," Louis' muffled voice came through my piece of crap phone speaker. "We are heading to the arena now."

"Oh we know!" Emily, Anna, and Brianna all said in unison. 

"How do you guys know?" he asked.

"We are stuck in traffic because of you," I smiled as we moved a few feet forward. 

"Oh, sorry about that. Well then that answers my question. Did you make it to the hotel?"

"Not yet. We are 4.9 miles away though," I said looking up at the GPS mounted on the dash. 

"I'm sorry love," there was muffled voices in the background. "The rest of the boys say hello."

"Hello!" we all yelled in the car. 

"Warning," Louis laughed. "Next time, please give me a warning. I keep forgetting that everyone can hear me."

"Well I am not allowed to hold my phone while sitting in the driver's seat and it doesn't matter that the traffic is not moving."

"Good job girls," Louis laughed. "Did you drive the whole way?"

"Yes. We would still be at school if they drove," I joked. 

"Well call me once you get to the hotel."

"May I ask why? I will see you after the show and you have to get ready."

"I need to send the driver over," Louis mumbled something to someone in the background. 

"The driver?" Anna and Brianna called from the background. 

"That is not necessary," I mentioned over top of them. 

"Too late. I've already called for one. Hopefully you can get to your hotel soon. I want you to hear some of sound check," I could hear him smiling through the phone and it was the most adorable thing in the world. "But right now I have to go. Just call me when you get to your hotel."

"Fine," I agreed despite my belief that it wasn't necessary. 

"This is so exciting!" Brianna squealed. "I've always wanted a driver."

"I know!" Anna agreed. 

"It does seem pretty cool," Emily even agreed. 

The traffic finally broke and we moved about six car lengths ahead. 

"I think the fact we finally moved is the most exciting thing right now," I joked with everyone as they started laughing. 









My Birthday is going to be four parts. I hope to post the other two parts during the week. Sorry for taking so long guys! 

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