Distance Can't Change Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sequel to Coincidental Meeting :) - You don't have to read the first one but it is suggested!
See what happens when Maria and Louis are miles apart. Louis is off on tour and Maria is at college studying. Will their relationship last? Read to find out.


8. 8. Surprises

Louis quickly packed up his suitcase with a smile on his face. He honestly didn't even care if he forgot something. His only true concern was with seeing Maria in only a few more hours. The flight was scheduled in two hours and within four he would be with Maria. Nothing else in the world really matters. Love had taken Louis by storm and he didn't made one bit. 

"You almost ready mate?" Liam popped his head in the door holding his hand. 

"Almost," Louis said grabbing his opened envelopes and putting them on top of his things inside his suitcase. 

"Alright," Liam started. "Just got off the phone with Brianna and they haven't spilled anything yet."

Louis nodded with his smile only spreading across his face even more. Even if Maria could only spare a moment or two for him those moments would be extremely special.

Niall came running into the room. "Guys! Guess what!"

Liam and Louis looked at each other in confusion as Zayn marched in. 

"Niall! I wanted to tell all of you together! Wait for Harry," Zayn sounded angry and this only confused Liam and Louis more. 

Louis began zipping his bag up, "Is Zaynie having a bad day?" Louis made a fake pout face at Zayn who just laughed. 

"It's a great day Louis! Where is Harry at? I want to tell all of you, even though Niall already knows because he was snooping."

"Sorry Zayn," Niall chuckled. "I was looking for some food."

"Niall," Liam put his hand on Niall's shoulder, "Zayn wouldn't have food in his dressing room."

Niall looked confused but then Harry walked in. 

"What's the big announcement?" Harry asked flopping down onto the couch located in the middle of the room and throwing his feet on the table. 

"Well boys," Zayn started pulling out a small black box. "I have to tell you all something."

Liam and Harry looked at each other smiling.

"Now Zayn," Louis started, "I'm already spoken for but I will consider the options."

"Funny Louis," Zayn started. "I'm going to ask Perrie to marry me."

"Congrats man!" Liam shouted walking over to Zayn and giving him a hug. This only caused the rest of the boys to follow up and they were having one of their big group hugs. 

"Thanks," Zayn smiled as the boys began to pull away, "I already asked her mom and my parents. I think she'll be really happy. I just hope you boys find the love I have." 

Louis smiled thinking he had already found a love. Yet, he was no where near ready to propose to Maria he could definitely see this happening for him in just a few months. It would be a long engagement but it was in the future. Louis was only really concerned with living for the moment. 

"So Zayn," Louis wrapped his arm around Zayn's shoulder. "Who's the best man?"

"I haven't decided yet," Zayn looked between the four boys' faces. "I think I will have best men because I couldn't chose just one of you boys."

Again, all the boys wrapped around Zayn like a bunch of vines. All smiling at the true friendships they had and how they couldn't imagine life without each other.

"I hate to ruin the moment," Niall said slowly pulling himself out of the group hug. "But can we please go get some food? I'm starving!"

"Only you Niall, only you Niall," Harry laughed.


Louis, Liam, and Harry exited off the plane wearing large hoodies in hopes to not be spotted. Dark aviator sunglasses were over their faces even though the day was coming towards an end as the deep purple spread across the sky. 

"I just texted Emily," Harry said slipping his phone into his pocket. "She should be pulling up in a moment."

"I don't think anyone recognizes us," Liam noted as the few people in the small airport didn't mind them at all. They all just continued doing whatever they were doing. 

"We seems so sketchy," Louis noted as an old woman quickly hurried past the three boys. 

"So the plan is," Liam started. "For you to be in the room when Maria gets back from her physics lab. Lucky for us that she doesn't have it with Brianna and Emily."

"Yeah," Louis smiled as Nissan Altima pulled up. 

"I think that's Emily," Harry said walking up to the car. "Yeah, come on boys."

Liam and Louis climbed into the backseat of the car as Harry scooted into the front seat. 

"We have to hurry," Emily sounded flustered. "She'll be getting out early. At least Brianna and I did yesterday when we had lab."

"Let's go then!" Harry shouted as they took off. 

The drive was quick as Emily began speeding down the interstate back to the school. Liam was texting Brianna who was stationed outside of the classroom Maria had lab in. She would distract Maria as long as she could if they hadn't made it back in time. 

"How much longer?" Louis asked from the backseat. 

"Maybe five minutes. But then I have to park," Emily said. "Hopefully my parking spot is still available."

"I hope," Louis sighed.

"Brianna said that Maria's lab group seems to be going slower than hers did yesterday," Liam said holding his phone. 

Emily continued to drive in the nail biting moment. All she wanted was to beat Maria back because she wanted to surprise her. Of course she was happy as well that she was going to get to spend a little time with Harry as well but Maria and Louis were more serious. 

Emily made the final turn and set forth down a row in the parking lot. She gasped when she found a free spot closer than the previous spot she had. Quickly she parked not worrying about whether she parked well enough for the surrounding vehicles not to have to worry. 

"Let's go!" Harry said as the four of them started toward the dorm when Emily, Brianna, and Maria were living. 

"Just try to avoid anyone we see. Don't want to get caught up with fans," Emily noted. 

The boys slipped their aviators back on to hopefully avoid any screaming fans on the way to the dorm. Luckily they made it there with no problems. 

Once at the top of the stairs Louis could feel his heart racing. He believed his heart would burst from excitement of getting to see Maria. 

Emily unlocked the door as quick as she could. 

"Hide in her wardrobe! Quick!" Emily said opening the one that was Maria's.

Louis moved a few things around and made a funny face as he was crammed in the tight space. 

"A bit uncomfortable but it'll work. I just hope I don't scare her then she hit me," Louis laughed as did everyone else. 

"We'll be back in a few hours to get you mate," Harry said.

"Don't have too much fun," Liam joked. "Brianna said the lab just got out. She should be here soon."

Louis waved goodbye as Emily, Harry, and Liam went to go meet up with Brianna. He only hoped he wouldn't have to be in this wardrobe too long. It was hard not to make any noise. If he moved the slightest way it would squeak. 

To Louis, it felt like hours but it was truly was only ten minutes until Louis heard the door unlocking and a bit of laughter. 

"I can't believe you broke your laptop! I tried telling you it was going to fall," Louis instantly recognized the voice as Maria's. 

"Ya, well I didn't think it was that close to the edge of the table," a deep, southern, male voice said. 

Louis wanted to get out of the wardrobe to surprise Maria but he was confused at the moment of who was with her. It was getting close to nine p.m. He assumed the guy was in her lab but why was he coming back to her room. 

"Oh well. I'm sorry that it broke though," he heard Maria say.

"It's really nothin'. I'll have to go get a replacement."

"Yeah," Maria sounded disinterested in the conversation. "I thought Emily and Brianna were going to be here. Oh well." 

There was a bit of shuffling around before Maria spoke again. 

"Here's my notes. Seriously though, start taking your own," she laughed which made Louis smile. 

He was still a little uncertain about whether he should come out or not. This wasn't a private conversation but now Louis just felt awkward. 

"Well, I like coming over to borrow yours."

"Well, this is the last time I'm going to be nice about it. Just because you are my lab partner doesn't mean anything Reid."

"Yeah, but you need me to get a good grade in lab."

"True, but I can find another lab partner too."

Louis could hear this Reid guy laughing in his deep tone. Louis felt his face heat up and instantly he knew that he was jealous. 

"I have something I gotta confess," Reid sort of mumbled over this. 

"What?" Maria sounded normal, like she didn't care.

"I kinda like you. I think we should go to dinner. Or a movie? Tomorrow night?" 

Louis couldn't take it anymore. The green eyed monster was tearing him apart but he had to wait for Maria's response before he truly got mad. 

"Um," Maria stuttered. "This is really awk-"

Louis pushed the door open to the wardrobe to see why Maria had stopped mid-sentence. What his eyes rested upon left him uneasy. Never in a million years did he think he would have to witness the girl he was in love with kissing another guy. 

"What the hell?" she screamed as Louis felt his heart drop a little. 

"I'm sorry," Reid said. 

"Hey babe," Louis mumbled not sure what he just witnessed. 

Maria's eyes shot over to Louis and the anger in her eyes was clear. Louis just didn't know if the anger was directed toward him or Reid. 

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