Distance Can't Change Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sequel to Coincidental Meeting :) - You don't have to read the first one but it is suggested!
See what happens when Maria and Louis are miles apart. Louis is off on tour and Maria is at college studying. Will their relationship last? Read to find out.


7. 7. Special Letter

*Note! This chapter is written in the point of view for Louis*


Louis went into his dressing room, finally happy that he had some extra time to read one of Maria's letters. It was the first one that was ever written. He had been finding a lot more but was deciding not to read them until he was really missing her. This letter was in a pair of his jeans in his back pocket. Liam was the one who noticed it and Louis felt bad because he had neglected to feel the enveloped folded into his back pocket. 

The days were getting longer for him in the boys as they had announced their 2014 stadium tour and they would soon be releasing a documentary about their lives. Every day was filled with more and more interviews, more recording time, and more drama. 

Louis hated that he couldn't just call Maria when he had free time but he understood that she was busy due to her school work. He wouldn't make her sacrifice her future just for him because if they made it in the long run he wouldn't want her to be holding a grudge against him. 

Everyday was just one day closer to the show where he could see her yet again. Having been away for only two weeks and only sharing one phone call and few texts this was stressing Louis. 

Louis pulled out the envelope smoothing it along the counter in front of his mirror. Opening it slowly and smiling more than he usually did while opening a letter. The letter was two pages long and written neater than normal. 

Louis set down the letter only to go lock the door. He didn't want any of the other guys to come in and see what he was reading. Normally, he wouldn't let the boys read them because he felt they were personal and special. 

Letter #1

Louis William Tomlinson,

I am afraid to count the days until I see you next because then I will dread every day until the moment I can be with you again. I already miss you and the days haven't even started yet. 

No matter how far apart, you'll always hold my heart. Distance can't change us. We are too strong to let a few hundred miles change the love we have created. 

A heartache hear and there but I hope this letter helps you. I hope it reminds you that we have something special.
Nothing rushed, nothing intended but everything that matters. A love created simply because we fought off the odds that were telling us that we can't. 

I never want to say "I can't" when it comes to our relationship. I always want to try because everything and anything is possible when we try. 

I'll be honest, I never thought I would fall in love with someone. I thought love wasn't exactly a real thing but rather something people try to make you believe in to sell products. Then I met you and from the very first moment I knew something was special. Ever since that day in that little bar. I could tell there was something special about you from across the room. I just didn't have nerve enough to say anything to you but I am so thankful that you decided to make a move. 

Even with everything bad that has happened I wouldn't change anything. I am glad that we know so much about each other. I am thankful that there are no secrets between us. Everything with us is imperfectly perfect. 

You are everything I have ever wanted and everything that I'll ever need. This distance won't change us. I won't let it change us Louis. You mean the world to me and I cannot wait until I am able to say three special words to you face to face. And what a beautiful face you have. 

I cannot wait until I stare into those beautiful blue eyes and see that you love me. I cannot wait to kiss your smile. The smile that captivated me from the beginning. 

The more I write this letter to you the more cheesy I truly sound but now that you are reading this awkward insert you are laughing at me. And if you were not laughing before you are now because you weren't laughing when I thought you were. 

Anyway, let's stop with that awkward insert. 

In short, the point of this letter is to tell you I love you. I love you more than I ever imagined I could. I love you more than I ever expected I would. I love you enough to sit down and write all of this out. 

Louis, until the day I see you once again I love you. 

Forever and Always,



Louis felt his grip tighten on the fragile pieces of paper he was holding. Quickly he brushed away the tears that were about to fall down his cheeks. Never in his life would he have imagined someone could put so much emotion into such a simple letter. 

Folding the letter to put back into the envelope Louis heard a knock on the door signalling that it was time to get back to work. 

"Louis?" he heard Liam call from outside. 

"One sec!" Louis said folding the envelope back up and sliding into his back pocket. 

"Hurry up mate!" Harry yelled. 

Louis opened the door to see that Zayn and Niall were also with them.

"Sorry boys, was just taking a break from it all," Louis spilled hoping none of them would notice how red his eyes were from crying. 

"You okay?" Niall asked putting his hand on his shoulder. 

"Just fine," Louis lied. 

The truth was he knew this relationship was going to be hard but after reading that letter he realized just how much he did love Maria. Missing her was something he knew he had to get use to but he didn't want to. 

"No you aren't man," Zayn noticed. 

"Were you crying?" Liam asked leaning close to Louis.

Louis turned around and jumped on the sofa placed in the middle of the dressing room. 

"No. Just not having a good day," Louis noted as the rest of the boys took seats around the room. 

"You miss Maria?" Niall asked.

"Of course I do," Louis mumbled. 

"Well," Harry said slowly. "We have a little surprise for you."

"I think you going to like this," Zayn added. 

"What is it?" Louis said paying close attention.

"A break in the schedule," Liam said. "We're all going to fly out there so you can have a night with her. We just got it all approved from management."

"Niall and I are going to go to NYC to meet up with Perrie and Amanda though," Zayn said. 

"Are you guys serious?" Louis said feeling instantly happier. "Does she know that we are coming though?"

"Maria doesn't," Harry noted. "But we worked it out with Brianna and Emily. They going to let you into the room while she is at lab."

"This is fantastic!" Louis screamed as the rest of the boys only laughed at his extreme excitement. 

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