Distance Can't Change Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sequel to Coincidental Meeting :) - You don't have to read the first one but it is suggested!
See what happens when Maria and Louis are miles apart. Louis is off on tour and Maria is at college studying. Will their relationship last? Read to find out.


6. 6. Typical Day

Monday morning. The morning that always feels to drag on forever but for me it's the morning that I cannot seem to get out of bed. I had ten minutes to get ready and be in our Physics class. I looked and saw that Emily and Brianna were still asleep too. 

I blinked my eyes a few times before grabbing my glasses and phone off the table next to my bed. I looked down and saw lots of notifications from various things. I scanned through my text messages and saw two from Louis, he must have got back to his hotel late after the show, and one from my mom asking me to call her. 

Yawning I was just about to call my mom when I noticed the time. "Dammit," I mumbled ending the call before it connected so she wouldn't know I tried. "Get up! We have ten mins!" I yelled as I jumped off the bed. 

"What?!?" Brianna and Emily yelled in unison and jumped from their beds to the ground. 

I was quickly trying to make sure I had all my books for the day while they rushed to change clothes. I laughed in my head because I slept in basketball shorts and a t-shirt that would pass like I put effort into what I was wearing the next day if I woke up late. Lucky for us the building we had Physics in wasn't exactly too far away. 

We had received an email last night about us having class in the auditorium from now on because more and more people had signed up for the class. 

At 8:26, remember class starts at 8:30, we were rushing out the door not bothering with half of our usual morning routine. 

8:28 we were walking into the auditorium where a few people turned around at the squeaky door opening to see who was entering. The three of us let out a sigh as we noted that our professor was not there yet. This was a relief because we would have time to get out our notebooks before he started lecture. 

I took out my phone and typed a quick message to Louis before I powered off my phone. 

Hey, woke up late. I'm sorry. Text you after classes. Love you :)

I hit send just as our professor walked in looking frazzled. 

"Silly me," Proffesor Robb laughed, "I sent an email to remind you about us being in the auditorium but myself I forgot all about it. I thought I had lost all my students."

He began logging into the computer so he could use her PowerPoint presentation. A few more students stumbled in and the professor excuses them because of the classroom change. 


"We'll wait a few more moments to see if anyone else is lost," Professor Robb began and I rubbed my still tired eyes. "Also, if you were just put into this class please come down and sign this sheet. Provide your name and email. I'll need that for future contact information."

Professor Robb's voice made me want laugh. He was always so upbeat about everything and it made class a lot more bearable. I only wish I had some coffee because then I could bare this class a lot more. 

Thankfully Emily, Brianna, and I were sitting in the back of the auditorium so if I happened to fall asleep for a moment nobody would really notice. Praying that at least one of us would be awake at all times to make notes. I didn't think either of them would fall asleep but you never know. 

8:40 the auditorium looked packed. A few stray chairs were open for anyone else who could manage to come in. 

"Shall we begin then?" Professor Robb asked as the back door to the auditorium swung open once more. "Hello Reid, so nice of you to join us."

Everyone in the class let out a little chuckle at the obvious embarrassment of being ten minutes late to class. We all turned to see the tall, country boy standing there in a plaid shirt, dark-wash jeans, and cowboy boots. 

"Sorry Robb, forgot about the auditorium," his accent was very strong and I noted a few girls whisper as they giggled toward the middle. 

Also, in my scan throughout the room I noted the very few empty seats left. One of them right beside me. 

I rolled my eyes and begged that he didn't sit beside me. I figured since he was on such good terms with our professor he would claim a seat, purposely left open, toward the front. 

Taking a deep breathe already knowing where he was going to sit, I saw the black backpack he had been carrying slip into the seat beside me.

"Oh hey," he whispered as Professor Robb began today's lecture. 

I nodded toward him and began taking my notes. 

Class, per usual, lasted what seemed to be forever. Every chance I got I was checking the time on the clock because I couldn't make out the time on the presenter. The only bad part of checking the time was having to look past Reid who would always give me a cheesy smile. All I wanted to say was Look I'm not trying to check you out! but that would have resulted in the entire room looking at me like a crazed maniac. You can bet I chose to not say anything and tried to resist more and more the urge to look at the clock. 

Physics class was pretty easy right now because the first half of the semester would be comprised of the same Physics material I had taken in high school. I just hope I did as well as I did in high school. At least I had Professor Robb who made things a little more interactive. 


"I guess I'll let you wonderful students go early," we all laughed at the two minute break we were getting. "See you all Wednesday."

I began packing up my stuff and I could hear my phone vibrating from inside of my backpack. 

"Your phone Maria," Emily said. 

"I thought I switched it off, oops," I mumbled trying to remember what pocket I put it into. 

After a few missed pockets I found my phone and noticed it was just my mom calling me. I ignored it not really wanting to talk to her. Plus I had to get to Biology. 

"Brianna lunch? After 1?" I asked heaving the heavy backpack onto my back.

"Sounds good, I should be finished catching up to everything," she said as the three of us began to leave. 


Brianna and I were standing in the never ending line waiting to get into the cafeteria. We both had another class at 2:20. It was getting close to 1:30 now and I hated when this happened. 

"Want to go to Elderberry's for lunch?" I asked her over the other loud conversations. "I'll buy," I added already ready to walk to the smoothie shop across campus. 

She nodded and we practically bolted from the cafeteria building. 

"I wish it wasn't like this every Monday," Brianna sighed as we were approaching the little hole in the wall shop. 

We order Chicken Ceasar wraps and a smoothie to go with it. Elderberry's was a bit expensive but so much better than the cafeteria food they served us. We were eating by 1:45 and I didn't feel rushed at all. 

Brianna and I decided to eat inside simply because we weren't exactly sure if it was about to rain. The sky looked cloudy and the smell of rain was approaching but you could never be sure here. It could look like rain and you wouldn't get rain. It would look like a beautiful day but then a downpour would occur. 

The two girls working here were whispering and pointing. They didn't even seem to be trying to cover up the fact they were talking about us. I tried to ignore it even when Brianna said, "Maria, ignore it. They aren't worth it."

I wish I could control my temper but they were being so obvious, so annoying, and flat out rude. I wasn't sure if they were talking about me or Brianna but either way I didn't like it. They were going to stop. 

"Do you have a problem? Because I'm sure we can fix it," I said standing up and walking back up to the counter. 

The two of them, Brianna, and I were the only people in here. The two of them looked frantically back and forth at each other. 

"Um, are you Maria? The girl who is dating Louis Tomlinson?" one asked sheepishly.

I sighed and heard Brianna nearly choke behind me. 

"Really? You are back here whispering and all that nonsense over who my boyfriend is?" I asked in the most annoyed tone I could manage without getting angry.

"Sorry we are just HUGE fans!" the other one screamed. 

"Could we get a picture?" 

"Maybe an autograph!!" 

I nearly face palmed myself at their obsession. 

"I'm not famous, therefore what would be the point of an autograph? Or a picture?" I asked them. 

They looked at each other and screamed in unison "Can you call Louis! Can you ask him to say hi to us!"

One started by herself again, "Could you get him to come here to meet us!" 

"Oh my god! That would be the best thing ever!" 

I thought the two of them were bound to faint any moment. I just shook my head and went back to our table. Shaking my head I grabbed my backpack and smoothie leftovers and headed for the door. 

Being completely annoyed by this I didn't bother to wait for Brianna. Lucky for her I got stopped at the crosswalk and she was right there.

"I'm sorry. They are stupid," she managed to say and it helped me calm down.

"I just wish it would stop. I'm not famous so I don't need fangirls."

The white WALK lit up and I started across the crosswalk heading toward the building I'd be in for my next class. 

"I'll see you later," I sighed as Brianna headed in the opposite direction for her class. 

It was only 2 PM and I was having a terrible day. I really hoped I could talk to Louis sometime soon. 

With fifteen minutes left before I had to go into the building for class I sat down on a smoker's bench. Luckily no smokers were out here and I pulled out my phone. 

Three texts from Louis made me smile.

Smile, I love you xx 

It's like he knows me so well. 

I've found two of your letters today :)


Number 4 and Number 9

Immediately I knew exactly what they said.

Number 4

Well hello there handsome :)

I was wondering when you would find me :)

Okay I'll stop being so cheesy now,or not. I kinda like it. Well, I miss you so much right now. You need to know that. And I love you beyond what words can really say. If only I could be with you know everything would be as close to perfect as we can get again. You are the reason I wake up every morning love. 

I'm going to make this one short. I hope you still like it.

Love you

Maria <3


Number 9

If you are not Louis Tomlinson then turn back now because this is not for you!

Sorry, I know how the other boys can be and I feel like it won't take them long before they decide they want to read some of these little notes. Anyway, I hope you are having fun on tour. I know it has to be tough doing so many shows and having so many other things to worry about. I know you are strong enough to handle it all. 

I cannot wait for the day I can kiss you again. Because these are written in advance and I have no idea when you are going to open them, I cannot tell you how many days it has been since I kissed your lips. Hell, it could have been just yesterday but it's been entirely too long. 

I love you


I quickly typed back a response to him so he would know that I received all his texts. 

2:10 and I was trying to figure out if he was up or not. I think he was at a photo shoot but I couldn't be certain. I really couldn't even tell you where he was, like city and state wise. 

I love you :) I cannot wait to hear your voice soon xx

I hit send and got up. One more class for the day. I can do this. 

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