Distance Can't Change Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sequel to Coincidental Meeting :) - You don't have to read the first one but it is suggested!
See what happens when Maria and Louis are miles apart. Louis is off on tour and Maria is at college studying. Will their relationship last? Read to find out.


5. 5. Stress

It was going on a week with Louis on tour and me at college. I was completely stressed out by everything and wanted a break. I knew a break was not about to come anytime soon. I had multiple papers due, multiple tests coming up, and multiple lab reports that were due.

Luckily it was Friday and I had all weekend to catch up on all my work. I hadn't had much time for Louis and he hadn't had much time for me. Every time he was free I was in class and every time I was free he was in an interview, photo shoot, or concert. This was really testing our relationship a lot. Like A LOT!

The word stress was taking a whole new meaning to me. I couldn't wait to see Louis again. We promised each other we would Skype after his concert in Atlanta.

Emily, Brianna, and I made an agreement not to talk too much about our relationships. We didn't want one of us to stress if another was getting a little more attention from their boyfriend. I just couldn't help but wonder how much time was Harry taking for Emily. I couldn't help but wonder how many times Liam texted Brianna.

I know I was being a little crazy. The past week wasn't the best week of our relationship. I guarantee there was not more than fifty texts shared between us. May seem like that's a lot but that use to be an everyday thing unless we were together.

Now we are not together and not texting.


Six letters that were making me crazy.


Five letters that were bound to make me do something stupid.

I wanted to go ahead and write my presentation for my communications class. Emily and Brianna were off to the movies so I had the room to myself. I was happy that I wouldn't have to walk all the way across campus to sit in the library.

I put my headphones in and put my music on shuffle. I Don't Care by Fall Out Boy was the first song to fill my ears. I laughed a little at the song choice my phone had chosen for me but quickly got to work.

Around nine I took a break and got up from my desk to stretch. I paused the music and heard a knock at the door. My first thought was that Brianna and Emily forgot their keys and needed me to let them in. So I didn't hesitate to answer the door.

Opening the door may have been a mistake, because standing there was the guy from the stairs. The guy who was in my Physics class and lab. I didn't rememberhis name and felt kind of bad. Wait, why was he here?

"Hey, Maria right?" he asked.

"Yes and I feel like a complete idiot for not knowing your name."

"Reid," he laughed. "It's okay."

"Okay good," I stood there awkwardly.

It's Friday night. Most of the campus is off partying or doing something else besides knocking on people's doors.

"I was wondering if I could borrow your physics notes? I kinda fell asleep in class today," his thick, country accent was enjoying to listen to.

"You don't want my notes," he looked at me really confused. "I can hardly read over my own notes. I haven't typed up my notes yet. But, I can get Emily or Brianna to get you copies of theirs. Or, if you can wait until tomorrow I can type you up the notes and print them for you?"

"I don't want to cause you any trouble," he said.

"It's fine. I can wait until tomorrow," he looked down and then back up. "If you don't mind me asking, why are you in your room alone on a Friday night?"

It was a rather awkward question to ask someone. I was slightly worried I was going to have to hurt this guy in the case he tried to make a move. I was just about to answer when I heard my laptop making the annoying Skype ringtone.

"One second," I said rushing across the room to the laptop.

Usually, if someone says 'one second' you don't invite yourself in. You wait exactly where they left you upon their return. Reid may have a country accent but he didn't get proper etiquette there.

Of course the call was from Louis and I answered immediately.

"I love you," I said as Louis' face emerged on my screen. And of course he was making a funny face.

"I love you Maria," Louis' face changed from all smiley to confusion. "Who's that?"

I turned around to see Reid standing right there behind me. A lot closer than you would expect.

"Some guy from my Physics class, hang on babe," I said turning around. "I'll get you the notes tomorrow."

He nodded but made no attempt to leave the room.

"I'd like some privacy to Skype with my boyfriend please?" I asked and he nodded again before actually leaving.

I followed him to make sure he actually left. Also, to make sure the door was closed behind him.

"He seems different," Louis said as I returned to my seat.

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