Distance Can't Change Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sequel to Coincidental Meeting :) - You don't have to read the first one but it is suggested!
See what happens when Maria and Louis are miles apart. Louis is off on tour and Maria is at college studying. Will their relationship last? Read to find out.


2. 2. Move In Day

I finished loading up the car with my suitcase, duffel bag, and all the miscellaneous containers. I looked back at the tiny apartment I had occupied all summer and hundreds of great memories came back to me. I pictured Louis sitting there on the stairs and remembered everything. All those nights walking up those stairs into the apartment and into bed. All the great days and nights I had spent with Louis.

"You almost ready?" I heard my best friend Marco ask. Marco was practically my brother and was always looking out for me. I had a brother named Marco but I preferred this Marco better.

"Yeah," I mumbled shutting the back of his Explorer.

My car was a little too tiny to hold everything. We had already driven my car down to college and then we drove back to get all my stuff.

I climbed into the passenger side of the car and slowly put my seat belt on.

"You okay?" he asked asked he started up the Explorer.

"Yeah, just remembering everything you know? I miss him a lot," I sighed. "Let's listen to music."

I turned the volume up and began trying to find a station that was semi-clear enough to listen to. After a minute or two of fumbling through the stations I found one.

The radio announcer was talking about the song that just finished playing. She talked a little longer and Marco started driving. It was an hour and a half drive to my college and I was hoping it would just fly by.

Now here we have five lovely boys singing directly to your heart. Here is One Direction with What Makes You Beautiful.

Marco quickly changed the station and found a Latin station so all the music was in Spanish.

"Thanks," I sighed.

I slumped down in the seat and pulled out my phone.

I miss you. Too much. I love you, leaving the apartment now.

I texted Louis quickly. I knew that he was doing a photo shoot for Teen Vogue this morning so I didn't expect a text for awhile.

Distance was the only complication in our relationship and I wish that it wasn't. If we were still together then everything would still be as close to perfect as possible.

After an hour and forty minutes we pulled up behind the dorm I would be living it for the next year. I saw Brianna and Emily carrying their stuff up into the room. Brianna's mom was helping her and Emily's parents and sister was also helping.

I grabbed the two duffel bags and Marco grabbed two plastic containers. We started up the stairs to the room. We were going to be living on the second floor so it wasn't too many stairs.

"Hey!" I yelled when I got into the room.
"Hey!" Brianna yelled. "So we gave you the bed closest to the air because you always are hot."

"Thanks," I said carrying my stuff over to the bed.

Marco and I ran back down the stairs to get the other two plastic containers and my suitcase. I saw all the other girls going on the fourth trip up and down the stairs with three times as much help. I laughed because I would never understand why they had so much stuff.

As I shut the back of Marco's Explorer I heard someone yell my name.

"Maria! Hey Maria!"

I slightly recognized the voice but wasn't positive who exactly it was. I turned around only to see someone who I never thought knew my name.

The girl yelling my name was Hannah. We had a few classes together first semester last year and when I checked the roster for my classes this semester I noticed I had two with her, plus a lab.

"Hi," I said sounding more confused that I intended.

"It's Hannah!" she said smiling. "We had two classes together last semester and we have some together this semester! Aren't you excited?"

I felt like the only way to avoid the awkwardness that was brewing was to act excited.

"Oh yeah! Sorry, I'm a little out of it this morning."

She walked right up to me and gave me a hug. Marco started laughing because the face I was making while she hugged me.

"Oh, is he your boyfriend?" she asked me sounding a little shocked.

"No, that's Marco. My best friend."

My phone beeped allowing me to know I had a text message. I pulled out my phone drowning out her voice as she continued to talk.

I love you xx :) Be nice today!

I laughed a little as I read the text message. Hannah was extremely close and I assumed she was reading my text message.

"Who's Louis? With a little heart next to his name," she asked like she already knew the answer.

I gave her a strange look then said, "That's my boyfriend."

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