Distance Can't Change Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sequel to Coincidental Meeting :) - You don't have to read the first one but it is suggested!
See what happens when Maria and Louis are miles apart. Louis is off on tour and Maria is at college studying. Will their relationship last? Read to find out.


16. 16. Controversy

The car ride was shorter than anticipated due to less traffic than the usual. The car ride seemed to drag even though according to the clock it only took a few moments. Meaning the car ride took seven minutes from the time we took off until the time my mom cut the engine in the Applebee’s parking lot.

I quickly got out of the car so this way I could walk around and open the door for my mom. As I opened the door she stepped out slowly and complained that her knee was hurting once again.

“It’s okay mom,” I said as we walked into Applebee’s.

I opened the door for her and we were met with a tiny hostess. Now, I am short, standing at about five foot four, but she was shorter than I.

“Hello ladies. Would you like a table or a booth?” she asked barely looking up from the menus that she was grabbing.

“Booth please,” I muttered to her.

She started leading us to a booth located on the side of the restaurant. The young woman was barely paying attention to us and I didn’t really mind because it just did not matter.

Once we arrived at the table she placed the menus on the table, one on each side and we slid into the booth.

“Your waitress will be right with you,” she smiled and finally looked at us. “Wait, do I know you?”

She was looking directly at me and I knew that if she if she was a fan of One Direction then she would know me. Or if she just paid the slightly attention to pop culture then she probably had seen my face.

“I don’t think so,” I stated and started looking at the menu.

“Are you sure?” she questioned, crossing her arms, staring me down. “I know I have seen your face before.”

My mom adjusted with annoyance at the hostess. I knew that if this girl did not leave soon that it would cause a scene with my mother. I did not want this so I just had to harshen my tone.

“You work with people every day so you see lots of faces,” I said turning my head toward her to get the point across. “I am sure I have eaten here once before while you were working. So if you do not mind I would like to enjoy this meal with my mother.”

The hostess just rolled her eyes and walked away in slight defeat. As she walked away I shrugged and turned back to my menu.

“This is why I do not want you with that boy,” my mother mentioned as if it was no big deal.

Our waitress walked up asking our drink order or I would have come back with a smartass reply but I was trying to be civil. My mother only means well but I wasn’t sure she truly realized how happy I was now that I was with Louis.

After our waitress walked away to go get our drinks I decided to say my peace.

“Mom,” I started, “I don’t see why you think that Louis is such a bad guy. He makes me happy and you always use to say you didn’t care who I dated as long as I was happy.”

The waitress returned with our drinks and we placed our order. Well, I placed my order my mother continued to look at the menu despite saying she was ready to order. The waitress looked at me with distress while my mother decided.

“You look familiar,” the waitress began and I could only sigh.

“Yeah I get that a lot, but I don’t think you actually know me,” I smiled trying to be polite now since she was waiting on my mother.

“Okay I am ready,” my mother said and the waitress wrote down her order.

As she left I saw my mother roll her eyes and I wasn’t sure if it was toward me or the waitress.

“Please do not start again,” I began. “I just want to have a civil meal with you for once. Just once mom. Don’t try to tell me who to date.”

“I’d rather you still be dating that girl Christina. At least she had nerve to come and meet me,” she sighed pulling out her phone.

This was a bad sign for me. This meant that my mother would spend the rest of the time we were waiting on the food playing on her phone.

Now, just to clarify my mother is from a small town in Virginia. Her version of an acceptable partner for me was someone who wasn’t afraid to meet her. The thing is, Louis wasn’t afraid to go and meet her. He had mentioned it a few times but I was afraid that my mother would not like him.

The reasons why she would not like could be summed up into a few simple reason.

Number one: he was British. Again, my mother grew up in the south and as she wasn’t racist I just believe that the thought of me dating a British guy would throw her into a heart attack.

Number two: he was famous. To my mother this would just mean that he was using me as a charity case. My mother believes in conspiracies so her thoughts would be that he found of my rough childhood and thought that dating me would boost his public image.

Number three: he was a member of One Direction and to say she loathed the music was an understatement. She really hated their music with a passion. It was rather funny.

These are the three main reason I can think of right now but I am sure she wouldn’t mind naming off more for me. She could sit here for an hour telling me reasons why I shouldn’t date him.

I think the only other time my mother has been completely unnerved by someone I was dating was when I was in high school and dating my now ex-girlfriend Christina. Being a bisexual to my mother was confusing and now I do not believe that she really cares that much anymore but it isn’t a topic we bring up unless it is necessary.

“Maria,” she reached over and grabbed my hand. “I really want you to break up with him. Please. I know he is only going to hurt you.”

“What?” I was shocked. I knew she did not like him but I never thought she would out right say that I need to break up with him.

“You need to break up with him Maria. I cannot take being the mother of the whore who is dating the One Direction boy anymore. I know you think you are happy but I think he is just using you.”

I stared at her completely baffled at the conversation that she was attempting to have. This was completely insane that she would even think it would be okay to ask me to break up with him for her.  

“I am so sorry that I am messing with your image mother,” I laughed. “And thanks for agreeing with the crazy journalists that write about me every day.”

“Maria. Please. I need you to break up with him. I do not want the press getting ahold to all of your previous records. Have you told him everything? Have you?”

I turned away not really wanting to answer the question. The worst part is I knew that I should have already been completely honest to Louis. The promise I made to him was I had told him everything but there were things that I just couldn’t handle telling him just yet.

“What are you going to do when he finds out everything?” she asked just as the waitress came out with our food and set it down on the table.

“Do you all need anything else?” she asked as I stared out the window trying not to cry from the anger I had toward my mother for putting the awful thoughts into my mind. 

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