Distance Can't Change Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sequel to Coincidental Meeting :) - You don't have to read the first one but it is suggested!
See what happens when Maria and Louis are miles apart. Louis is off on tour and Maria is at college studying. Will their relationship last? Read to find out.


14. 14. Let The Countdown Begin

Counting down the days when you really want something to happen, we all do it. Don’t even try to deny it; some of us even have countdown apps installed on our smart phones (guilty!) for many different occasions. 
The typical ones being your birthday, Christmas, or your favorite holiday, or just an anniversary. 
I wasn’t one who would usually be counting down the days until my birthday because I stopped looking forward to my birthday long ago but now it meant I could see Louis again. 
Thirteen days remained until I would be able to see Louis and even though it would be me sitting in an arena seat watching him and the other four boys of One Direction along with hundreds of other screaming fans, it would be something. And knowing Louis there was something special planned for the rest of the night before he would catch yet another flight and be in a completely different city. 
It is kind of crazy thinking that the most I see of my boyfriend is when I log into my Pinterest account and see the hundreds of pictures other fans have pinned of him. 
Another sad factor would be this would be the first concert I would be attending that belonged to One Direction. I never wanted to pay for the tickets before, and they would always sell out before I would get paid. The struggle of trying to see one of your favorite bands was real. 
The best part about this was Louis managed to get me four tickets, so now I was bringing along Brianna and Emily. I decided to bring along another mutual friend Anna because she was just as big of a fan girl as we were. 
The only bad part of my birthday would be the fact that it was on a Wednesday so that meant that the concert would be too. And to add to the tragedy of trying to go to a Wednesday night concert after a long day of classes would be the fact that Brianna, Emily, and I would have an 8:30 physics lab with the worst woman possible. Trust me when I say that she is horrible. 
Speaking of physics that is where I am sitting right now listening to our professor drone on and on about Newton’s Third Law. Wait, I really love Newton’s Third Law. Sorry that was a terrible joke. 
Dr. Robb clicked this PowerPoint to the next slide that was a question. I hate the in-class questions especially when he decides he would like to interact with those of us in the auditorium taking this horrid class. 
I looked up at and began reading the question. After a moment and the completion of reading the question I looked down at my notebook and realized that I had neglected my notes terribly. 
As I tried to sneak a peek at Brianna’s notes I noticed that Dr. Robb was making his way around the auditorium, walking directly in the direction of me. 
“Brianna,” I loudly whispered but she was half asleep. 
It was already too late. 
“Hey Maria,” I heard Dr. Robb say as he came to stand beside me. “So what are you thinking about with this problem?”
I sighed realizing that I would have to guess. 
“Well,” I looked back up at the PowerPoint screen and quickly decided that when all else fails just chose B. “I was thinking it was B.”
Dr. Robb looked like he was about to laugh at me but he contained himself pretty well considering that B was obviously the worst choice. 
“Well, that is a pretty good guess,” he lied straight to my face. “But actually when you start putting Newton’s law into effect you would see it could not be B.”
I stared back at him blankly trying to let him know how much I hated this class and how little I could actually care. 
“Can I borrow your pencil?” he asked and I kind of awkwardly stopped chewing on my pencil, a terrible habit I tend to do all the time, and handed it to him. 
He began explaining the problem in so much detail. I nodded at all the right times and said “oh yeah” at all the right times. Five minutes later he had explained, not that I really was paying attention, why the actual answer was D. 
Dr. Robb smiled and ran back down to the front of the room. I could hear Brianna and Emily laugh as he walked away. 
“I hate you guys,” I whispered. “You couldn’t act like we were discussing the problem,” I wanted to yell at them but the sad truth was he probably was going to stop no matter what. 
The lecture dragged on but I knew it would end eventually. As we started the demo problem, which we did at the end of every class, I heard a collective amount of sighs because we only had five minutes of class left. Never in a million class periods would Dr. Robb ever let us out of class on time. 
I sighed but began copying the physics, well math like, problem down into my notes so maybe I could actually do my homework tonight. 
Finally five minutes past the end of class Dr. Robb called it quits on finishing the problem. As everyone rushed out of the classroom toward their next class I yelled goodbye to Brianna and Emily, who were lucky enough not to have a class right after. 
I rushed toward my biology class I saw Reid in my path. He was mid-sentence with a sorority girl and I released a heavy sigh. I would be late to class if I tried to divert around the whole situation. I put on a front and walked straight past him. 
“Maria! Wait!” he called once he realized that I had walked by. 
“Can’t! Class!” I yelled without even looking back. 
I entered the building where I had biology and looked down at the clock that greeted me on the main floor. Two minutes left to get to class and now I was regretting drinking so much lemonade at breakfast. I could really use the extra time to stop for a bathroom break but of course thanks to Dr. Robb I did not have the extra time. 
I started for the stairs as someone’s hand grabbed my arm. I was so shocked because I had not realized that Reid was following me. 
“What?” I asked ready to go. 
“I wanted to apologize for my behavior recently,” he said barely able to look at me. 
“Look,” I sighed. “I really do not want to do this and I really do not have time to do this. Now goodbye,” I said shocking him as I took off up the stairs toward my biology class. 
I really did not have time to listen to his pathetic apology. Honestly, I could care less about his apology. Yes, I believed I deserved one but no I did not want to hear the apology. One reason being everything that has happened I do not want to risk even being seen with him. My mother always use to tell me you never know where trouble lurks, well to me any time I am around Reid trouble always seems to find me. Another reason is I still had a dying urge to hit him in the face and this time I knew Louis would not be here to stop me. 
As I sat through biology class I once again neglected my notes and began to think about anything and everything that would be happening in thirteen days when I was finally able to see Louis again. 
Dr. Lassiter, my biology professor, lectured and it seemed to be nothing but review from what I learned in high school so I pulled out my phone. 
I stared at my background which was a picture of Louis and me. Louis was making a funny face as I kissed his cheek. Our relationship was more than amazing in my opinion. It was hard to realize it was real sometimes and I felt like I would just wake up one day to find out it was all just a dream. 
“So let me show you all this Family Guy clip that relates to all of this!” Dr. Lassiter always was the happiest of my professors. Plus his random television show clips were the best way of learning. 
I slipped my phone back into my pocket and began actually listening to Dr. Lassiter’s lecture. 
The rest of the day was nothing more than a blur of everything. Passing person after person hoping I would not have to run into Reid again, sitting in a very boring history class talking about the Olmec, and sitting in Psychology listening to my professor laugh a little too loud and talk about the section I had already read. 
There was really only one thing that was going to keep me going: Twelve more days until I got to see the one I truly love. 


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