Distance Can't Change Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sequel to Coincidental Meeting :) - You don't have to read the first one but it is suggested!
See what happens when Maria and Louis are miles apart. Louis is off on tour and Maria is at college studying. Will their relationship last? Read to find out.


12. 12. Relief

"Louis, what are you doing here? I managed to get out between the shivers that were consuming my body. 

"We'll discuss this in a moment," Louis said, still holding me tight. "Let's get you upstairs and into warm clothes."

I didn't argue, simply because my body was frozen. My choices were argue but end up terribly sick or comply and argue later with decent health afterwards. 

The stairs were hard considering my joints were frozen together. Louis was holding the small of my back as I walked slowly up the stairs and Paul was trailing a few steps behind us. As I went to open the door to my floor it flung open and two, obviously wasted girls, were screaming. 

"Oh! We're sorry!" Ally, one of them that I only knew her name simply because she lived on my floor. "We didn't see you!" 

My only thought was why are you yelling right now? 

Before I could reveal my inner thoughts Louis smiled and said, "It's fine. Excuse us," the two girls were still screaming behind us about how cute Louis was. I guess I was in luck because they were too drunk to recognize him. 

We entered the room where Emily and Brianna were standing there confused. 

"Um," they murmured before looking at each other. 

"We'll give you a little bit of space," Brianna said grabbing a jacket and her umbrella. 

Emily grabbed her jacket and the two of them were out the door. 

"I'll be outside the door just in case that guy decides to show up," Paul said walking out behind Emily and Brianna. 

"What are you doing here?" is what spilled out of my mouth even though it wasn't what I wanted to say first. 

"I knew something was bound to go wrong. Obviously I need to be here to keep you from making poor choices," Louis was angry but his voice never raised volume. 

"I'm not making poor choices," I mocked his tone. 

"Maria, please do not argue with me. I can't go back on tour thinking that you will be making decisions that could potentially put you at risk."

I couldn't help but laugh at him. He thought this was a risky decision, I've done far worse is the only thing I wanted to scream at him but I couldn't.

"I'm sorry. But I couldn't do anything," I mumbled. 

"Maria what were you thinking?"

"Nothing actually. I wasn't thinking anything."

"Maria," Louis took a step closer. 

The cold clothes I had yet to change out of were causing me to shiver again. 

"Fuck," I mumbled pulling off the shirt that was now five pounds due to the rain it had absorbed. "I don't need you to worry about me. I can take care of myself."

"Stop, love," Louis took a step toward me. 

"Don't," I pushed him back and pulled off my pants. I threw the clothes in the laundry basket and stood there colder than I was to begin with. "I don't need you to judge the decision I made tonight."

I walked over to my wardrobe, turning my back to him. Leafing through my clothes until I found an two sizes too big shirt. 

"I wish you would have let me hit him." I pulled on a pair of sweat pants. "I wish you wouldn't think I would change overnight into the perfect girlfriend you deserve."

As I went to turn around I was shocked to see him standing right there. He was so close to me, centimeters were separating our faces. 

"Maria," Louis spoke, "I love you. And to me you are perfect."

"Don't bullshit with me."

Louis laughed and pulled me close to him. 

"I would never," he said before he kissed me. After pulling away he said with a smirk, "If you really want I'll have Paul go find him and I'll hit him. I'll be the knight in shining armor."

I couldn't help but just laugh at Louis. And to name one of the many reasons I love him: Louis can turn any situation into a joke. 

"No," I sighed. "I'm sorry. I am just so frustrated with all of this mess."

"I know love," he wrapped his arms around me. I buried my face into his chest and sighed. 

"Do you ever think your fans will let me live this down?"

"Never," Louis said resting his chin on top of my head. "But, I will and that is all that matters. I love you with all my heart. Don't ever forget it."

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