Distance Can't Change Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sequel to Coincidental Meeting :) - You don't have to read the first one but it is suggested!
See what happens when Maria and Louis are miles apart. Louis is off on tour and Maria is at college studying. Will their relationship last? Read to find out.


11. 11. Chaos

"Maria," Brianna said to me trying to keep her tone light. "Give me your phone. Or take the Twitter app off your phone."

"No!" I yelled at her even though I knew it was probably a good idea.

Thousands of tweets were being made about me every hour. I had seen two out of a thousand that were not negative.

Maria is a stupid whore! #LouisDeservesBetter !!!!

Louis! I love you and never would cheat on you! #LouisDeservesBetter

#LouisAndEleanorConfirmed - Guys! Louis broke up with Maria!

Tweet after tweet.

#ElounorIsBack so happy he left Maria! Love you Louis!

Maria should kill herself! Who would cheat on @Louis_Tomlinson !!!!

They were never ending. There were milder ones and ten times harsher ones. I wanted to hit something, someone really. His name was Reid but I hadn't seen him. Plus, it didn't help that Brianna and Emily were pretty much holding me captive.

They claimed they just wanted to make sure I was available for when Louis was ready to Skype. I still thought it was because they were scared I was going to find Reid one way or another.

"Maria! Give me the phone!" Brianna raised her voice, slightly but enough to try to get her point across.

There was a knock on the door right as I was about to voice my own opinion. Brianna and Emily quickly exchanged looks.

"Let me answer the door!" I yelled but Brianna blocked my path. Even with rage rushing through my veins I wasn't about to hurt someone who wasn't an enemy at the moment.

Emily opened the door stepped outside to talk to whoever it was. Brianna continued to look at me like 'Please don't try anything, because I don't know how I am supposed to stop you.'

I didn't feel like fighting right now. I climbed back into my bed to continue my torture and read more of these disgusting tweets.

"Maria, please just give me the phone," Brianna sighed, knowing I was torturing myself.

I refused to cry as I read the horrid tweets. I don't understand how so many people could judge from a rumor. They had no proof. It was impossible for me to read anything on my Twitter right now. My vision was getting blurry because I was about to cry the more I read.

A horrible thought of Louis leaving me over something this stupid was stuck inside my mind. I knew in my mind that Louis could do so much better than me too, that was the worst part.

I turned my back to Brianna to hide my close to tears eyes. I had to pull myself together before Louis was ready to Skype. Worry would kill him if he saw me like this.

I logged out of Twitter, sighed, and handed my phone over to Brianna.

"There," I whispered. "Just tell me when Louis is ready."

She took my phone and was in the process of turning it off when Emily opened the door.

"We have a problem," Brianna said tapping on my phone's screen.

"What?" Emily and I said in unison looking at her.

Brianna dropped the phone grunting in annoyance.

"What the hell Brianna?" I asked.

"I think someone leaked your number. You are getting texts and calls like crazy," Brianna said finally looking up from the phone.

"Wait, who was at the door?" I asked Emily ignoring the current problem with the phone.

"Some girl from my," Emily mumbled, "lab."

"Don't lie to me Emily," I was trying not to get mad.

"It was Reid," Emily sighed. "He wanted to talk to you."

"What?" I screamed as I jumped out of my bed, nearly knocking Brianna over.

I ignored the screams of Emily and Brianna, ignored the fact I didn't have shoes on, and ignored the fact it was pouring down raining outside.

I scanned the hallway and quickly ran into the staircase. Almost knocking over a couple walking up the stairs as I ran down and shot out the front door of our dorm.

The rain was cold, expected, and painful against my bare skin. Rage was the only thing controlling me right now. Within a matter of seconds I could see him walking away from the building and I was determined not to let him get away with this.

"Reid!" I yelled through shivers that would make me sick for the next week. "Wait up!"

Reid's tall figure slowly turned around and gave me a look that said, 'Are you insane?'

Teeth clicking and body shaking I was determined to get answers right now. I could hear Brianna at the door of the building yelling for me. Emily was probably trying to get shoes on and an umbrella.

The rain was heavy, making it nearly impossible to see Reid standing right in front of me.

"Maria! What the hell? Get inside! You are going to get pneumonia out here!" Reid yelled over the sound of rain falling around us.

"Oh! Now you care! You are ridiculous!" I screamed back at him.

There was nobody else around but Reid looked nervous.

"Let's go inside! We can talk!" the rain blurred out most of what he said but I wasn't done.

"You tried to ruin the only good thing in my life! You lied! We didn't hook up you jackass! Then you want to release my number so thousands of people can send me death threats!" most of my words were fragments of their true meaning as I knew my body temperature was dropping.

"Maria! I didn't! I swear!" Reid tried arguing with me.

In the background, over the sound of sickening rain there was a car horn honking as it pulled into a parking spot and Brianna was still yelling at me to get inside.

“You are pathetic!” I yelled over everything.

A mixture of heated rage and insanity took over me. I couldn’t let him get away with this. Staring me in the eye and lying to me was beyond ridiculous. Who could be that cruel?

Four years of boxing and plenty of unplanned fights prepared me for this moment. Even though it wouldn’t change anything I knew it would make me feel better to hit him. My only thought holding me back at this moment was, ‘Can you stop hitting him?’

Nothing mattered. My blood was boiling and I couldn’t stand to look at his smug, little face any longer.

I drew back ready to release all my anger on him when a pair of strong arms wrapped around me, pulling me back.

“Stop Maria,” the voice was familiar. “Calm down.”

As I slowly turned my face to see who was stopping me from releasing this pain I saw exactly who I wanted to see in the moment.

Louis was there holding me.

Reid stood there shocked and it was displayed all over his face. Louis pulled back toward the building. Reid said something but Paul was there making sure he didn't follow us.

"Are you okay?" Louis said once we were out of the rain.

"I-I-I'm fine," I shivered and Louis quickly wrapped his arms back around me.

"I'm here love," Louis whispered in my ear. "Don't worry."

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