Distance Can't Change Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sequel to Coincidental Meeting :) - You don't have to read the first one but it is suggested!
See what happens when Maria and Louis are miles apart. Louis is off on tour and Maria is at college studying. Will their relationship last? Read to find out.


10. 10. Thoughts

Louis was off stage quickly typing a message up on his phone when Harry walked up to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“You okay mate?” he asked keeping a mild tone hoping to keep Louis calm as well.

“No,” Louis said coldly not even bothering to look up at Harry.

Louis sank down against the wall, burying his face in his hands. Harry slowly sat down next to him not saying a word knowing it would only hurt Louis more for him to speak. The two sat down in silence for quite some time.

“Louis?” Harry said bumping him with his shoulder. “It’s just rumors. You know that.”

Louis shrugged and pulled his phone back out. The phone seemed to stay frozen in his hands while he read what was coming across his screen. Harry must have sensed the reaction because Louis wasn’t even finished reading whatever was on his screen when Harry grabbed the phone from his hands.

“Louis, I know now is not the time to be on your phone,” Louis finally looked over at Harry.

“Give me my phone back Harry,” Louis snarled.

“No,” Harry mumbled over the word. “I’ll go get the boys and we are leaving.”

Louis didn’t seem to protest with Harry as he walked back onto the interview set. A million thoughts were running through Louis’ mind.

He had witnessed the entire situation for himself. He knew the truth every detail still engraved into his mind. Of course, how could he forget? Witnessing the girl you love kissing someone else less than five feet in front of you isn’t something that you can shrug off no matter the entire circumstance. Even though you know she loves you and never wants to hurt you, the pain you will experience from that occurrence is worse than expected. You can’t physically prepare yourself for that type of disappointment. Plus, you’ll feel as if you are not good enough even if they try to tell you a thousand times you are perfect.

“Come on man,” Liam said extending his hand down to Louis.

Louis had been so wrapped up in his own thoughts he hadn’t noticed the boys come out into the hallway where he was sitting.

“Okay,” Louis said taking the help up off the floor.

Everyone stayed quiet as they walked down the hallway. They met Paul and two other body guards at the end of the hallway.

“Come on Louis,” Paul said opening the door releasing an abundance of noise from fans and paparazzi.

Thousands of commenting were surrounding Louis and coming from every angle. Paul walked close to Louis attempting to clear a path. The other boys weren’t too far behind but you wouldn’t be able to tell because the barriers were being broken down.

The paparazzi were right in Louis’ face screaming about the whole scandal.

“Is it true Louis?”

“Will you forgive her?”

“Louis! Give us a quote!”

It was taking every bit of Louis’ strength not to lose it in this moment. The voices were swarming around in his head and echoing. Louis was feeling overwhelmed and a bit dizzy.

Paul took notice to Louis’ shaky figure quickly guiding him the rest of the way to the black SUV waiting for him at the end of all the mess.

Paul jerked the door open pushing the camera men out of the way as the steady clicks were going on. Louis tried his best not to look unnerved by the situation but it was becoming harder. Luckily he was in the SUV now and he wouldn’t fall apart in front of hundreds of people.

Liam and Niall were quickly put into the SUV with Louis and the door slammed shut right behind them.

The driver of the car began to inch forward, taking precautions not to hit anyone.

“Don’t worry Louis,” Niall said staring out the window. “It’ll all blow over. It’s ridiculous anyway.”

“Where’s my phone?” Louis asked looking between Liam and Niall.

“Um,” Liam said looking at Niall.

“I don’t have it. Did you drop it out there?” Niall asked seeming concerned.

“No, Harry took it. I want it back,” Louis said glancing out the back glass.

Liam and Niall looked at each other a little confused.

“He just doesn’t want you reading anything that will upset you man,” Liam said.

Finally the driver was able to begin accelerate up the road. The hotel wasn’t too far away from the studio they were just at. It was only eight blocks over but it had taken close to twenty minutes to get out of the crowd surrounding the studio. Now they were almost at the hotel and the crowd was lined up three blocks away.

Teenage girls were running alongside the SUV screaming things the boys couldn’t hear.

Niall was scrolling on his phone, Liam was watching the girls running, and Louis was just staring straight ahead.

“Don’t go back to the hotel,” Louis said even toned to the driver.

“What?” the driver asked in confusion.

“Go to the airport,” Louis seemed calm but the steady shaking of his leg and the drumming of his fingers insisted otherwise.

“Louis we have a show tonight,” Liam said looking over at him.

“I have to make sure she is okay,” Louis growled over at Liam.

Liam wanted to help his friend but there really wasn’t much he could do right now. There was no way possible for Louis to fly to Maria’s school and back before the show tonight.

“Louis, it’s just not possible,” Niall said.

“I’ll text Brianna and make sure that Maria is ready to Skype with you once we get back to the hotel. Calm down Louis,” Liam said pulling out his phone.

“Fine,” Louis said as the driver began to slow down because of the crowd again.

Niall set his phone down on his leg while he reached for his drink. Louis grabbed his phone and began checking Twitter.

“Louis what are you doing?” Niall and Liam asked in unison.

Louis was reading through all the tweets sent to him about this. None were in a positive tone at all. All were demanding Louis break up with Maria immediately.

Niall finally took the phone out of Louis’ hands and revealed to Liam what Louis had been looking at.

“Louis, don’t listen to that,” Niall sounded sorry for this.

“Niall’s right Louis. You shouldn’t have read any of that. We can’t take any of that into account right now. You know the truth, okay?” Liam said trying to be sympathetic.

Louis just wondered if he knew the entire truth.

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